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This article is about the Balcony on the second floor of Luigi's Mansion. For other Balconies, see Balcony.
Balcony (2F)
Area Area One
AnteroomBalcony (2F)FoyerFoyerMaster Bedroom (Luigi's Mansion)NurseryParlorStudyWardrobe RoomBall RoomBathroom (1F)BoneyardButler's RoomConservatoryDining RoomGraveyardHidden RoomKitchenLaundry RoomMirror RoomStorage RoomWashroom (1F)Astral HallBalcony (3F)Bathroom (2F)Billiards RoomBottom of the WellCourtyardFortune-teller's RoomNana's RoomObservatoryProjection RoomRec RoomSafari RoomTea RoomThe Twins' RoomWashroom (2F)ArmoryThe Artist's StudioBreaker RoomCellarCeramics StudioClockwork RoomCold StorageGuest RoomPipe RoomRoofSealed RoomSecret AltarSitting RoomTelephone Room
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The Balcony is a small terrace on the second floor of Luigi's Mansion. The Balcony contains a Toad who can save Luigi's progress. It can be accessed only from the Wardrobe Room. The Graveyard and the Boneyard can be seen from the Balcony. Also, the Balcony can be seen from the hole in the window of the Master Bedroom.

Ghosts in The Balcony (2F) during the blackout[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バルコニー
French Balcon Balcony
German Balkon Balcony