Balcony (3F)

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This article is about the Balcony on the third floor of Luigi's Mansion. For other Balconies, see Balcony.
Balcony (3F)
Area Area Three
Portrait ghosts Boolossus
An aerial view of the Balcony (3F).
The Balcony (3F) in the Nintendo 3DS remake.

The Balcony is found in the third area of Luigi's Mansion.

If Luigi has captured less than 20 Boos, a particularly-transparent Boo, referring to itself as "the mysterious power of the Boos," will block him from opening the door leading to the Balcony and whisk him back to the Foyer. After Luigi captures at least 20 Boos, he can exit the mansion to the Balcony. On the Balcony, Luigi fights Boolossus. After Luigi defeats Boolossus, a large treasure chest containing a blue diamond-shaped key to Area 4 inside appears.


The Balcony is a large open area on the third floor of the mansion, on the north end of the property. There are a lot of plants (which Luigi can water for money, the one in the far right corner will give a Red Diamond) and benches around the edges. There are two large winged unicorn statues; one on each side of the Balcony. When the battle starts, they become frozen, allowing Luigi to capture Ice Elemental Ghosts from them. After the battle, they return to normal rock statues. Many lanterns line the outside of the Balcony as well.

Ghosts in The Balcony (3F) during the blackout[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バルコニー
Italian Terrazza Terrace
AnteroomBalcony (2F)FoyerFoyerMaster Bedroom (Luigi's Mansion)NurseryParlorStudyWardrobe RoomBall RoomBathroom (1F)BoneyardButler's RoomConservatoryDining RoomGraveyardHidden RoomKitchenLaundry RoomMirror RoomStorage RoomWashroom (1F)Astral HallBalcony (3F)Bathroom (2F)Billiards RoomBottom of the WellCourtyardFortune-teller's RoomNana's RoomObservatoryProjection RoomRec RoomSafari RoomTea RoomThe Twins' RoomWashroom (2F)ArmoryThe Artist's StudioBreaker RoomCellarCeramics StudioClockwork RoomCold StorageGuest RoomPipe RoomRoofSealed RoomSecret AltarSitting RoomTelephone RoomLuigi's Mansion Map. Yellow rooms are in Area One, blue rooms are in Area Two, green rooms are in Area Three, and red rooms are in Area Four. The Secret Altar is colored gray, as it is its own area.
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