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This article is about the Washroom in the first floor. For the Washroom in the second floor, see Washroom (2F).
Washroom (1F) from Luigi's Mansion
Area Area Two
The Washroom (1F) on the Nintendo 3DS remake.
The Washroom (1F) in the Nintendo 3DS remake
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The Washroom is a room in Area 2 of Luigi's Mansion from the game and its remake. After Luigi collects five Boos, Professor E. Gadd tells Luigi to go to the Washroom. When Luigi enters, he sees Toad crying in a corner. Toad says that he dropped something important inside the toilet. After Luigi reassures Toad, the lights in the Washroom turn on. Afterward, Luigi opens the toilet for inspection and finds the Key to the Fortune-teller's Room.

The Washroom is quite cramped. Starting on the west side, there is a toilet with an antique-style hanging tank, a mirror overlooking a sink, a radiator, and a medicine cabinet. The sink often contains a 10 HP or 20 HP restoring Heart for Luigi.

Ghosts in The Washroom (1F) during the blackout[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トイレ
Italian Toilette Lavatory


  • If Luigi tries to go in the Washroom before he captures five Boos, he finds the door locked. A text box then comes up, reading, "Erm, OCCUPIED!" which is Toad's attempt to get rid of any ghosts that try to enter. Notably, the text box is purple, which is normally reserved for ghosts. If Luigi tries to go in the Washroom after releasing all the Boos, the door will still be locked, and additional text will be present in the text box.
  • This is the only locked room in the mansion in which it is unlocked without the use of a key, as it is unlocked after Luigi catches five Boos.