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Bogmire LM3DS art.png
Full Name Bogmire, the Cemetery Shadow
Age Unknown
Biography A product of the mansion's fear and despair, he's not sure who to fear or what to despair these days.
Room Graveyard
Life 100

Bogmire is a shadow Portrait Ghost and the boss of Area Two in Luigi's Mansion. He lives under a tombstone in the mansion's Graveyard. Although he has no relation to swamps, Bogmire's name is derived from two types of swamps, a "bog" and "quagmire". At one point, Bogmire was captured by Professor Elvin Gadd and turned into a portrait. Like the other ghosts in the gallery, he was released when King Boo broke in. Bogmire's portrait number in Professor E. Gadd's gallery is 19.


Bogmire is a purple ghost with a large mouth and yellow eyes. He has scythe-like arms. According to his Game Boy Horror entry, Bogmire is the manifestation of the mansion's fear and despair. He has the ability to teleport between locations in a flash of lightning. He can also replicate false, translucent, blob-like variants of himself, known as Black Bogmires.


In the Graveyard, before his first encounter with Bogmire, Luigi must vacuum up a few Mr. Bones into his Poltergust 3000. By doing so, the large headstone begins to glow. After approaching it, a strike of lightning emits from the tombstone, revealing Bogmire. Luigi jumps back in horror. He is transported into a mysterious arena, where a large Black Bogmire comes out and approaches him. Several others also appear in the field.

In the battle, Bogmire frequently vanishes and switches between areas. Before reappearing, Bogmire's large shadow appears on-stage, originating from his current location. Contrarily, if it disappears, it indicates Bogmire vanishing. To vacuum Bogmire, Luigi must vacuum up a Black Bogmire (regardless of size) and aim it at Bogmire. Bogmire is one of the trickier ghosts to vacuum up, because he breaks free of Luigi's grasp within a few seconds. Luigi flips backward, and Bogmire disappears in a lightning flash. New Black Bogmires spawn onto the stage.

Eventually, after capturing Bogmire, Luigi returns to the Graveyard, where he opens a large chest containing the key to the Courtyard.


Luigi's Mansion[edit]

Luigi's Mansion (Nintendo 3DS)[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シャドーマ
From the English word "Shadow". "マ (ma)" may come from "魔 (ma)", meaning "evil spirit" or "demon"
Spanish Ciro, La Sombra del Cementerio Ciro, The Graveyard's Shadow
French M. Marais, L'Ombre du Cimetière Mr. Swamp, the Graveyard's Shadow
German Herr Finsterling, Schatten des Friedhofs Mr. darkling, Cemetery Shadow
Italian Ombretta, l'ombra del cimitero Ombretta, The Graveyard's Shadow. "Ombretta" is a reference about "Ombra", that means "shadow"


  • Bogmire is the only Portrait Ghost to not have any lines, as the Game Boy Horror cannot scan his heart for text.