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Official artwork of Bogmire from the Nintendo 3DS remake of Luigi's Mansion
Full name Bogmire, the Cemetery Shadow (GameCube) / The black shadow of the graveyard (3DS)
Age Unknown
Biography A product of the mansion's fear and despair, he's not sure who to fear or what to despair these days.
Room Graveyard
HP 100

Bogmire is a shadowy portrait ghost that is found in Luigi's Mansion and its 3DS remake. He appears as a purple ghost with a large mouth, yellow eyes, and thin, constantly outstretched arms. Bogmire lives under a tombstone in the mansion's Graveyard, and acts as the boss of Area Two. According to his Game Boy Horror entry, Bogmire is the manifestation of the mansion's fear and despair; he does not speak (making him the only area boss without any dialogue), and the Game Boy Horror cannot scan his heart for text. His name is a portmanteau of "bog" and "mire", which refer to different kinds of swampland, likely in reference to his drippy appearance. Bogmire's portrait number in the Gallery is 19.

Bogmire can only be fought after Luigi vacuums every Mr. Bones in the Graveyard, as by doing so, the large headstone begins to glow. When Luigi approaches it, lightning strikes near the tombstone as Bogmire springs out, and Luigi jumps back in horror. He is then transported into a mysterious arena, where a large Black Bogmire comes out and approaches him, while several others also appear in the field. Bogmire teleports around the arena, with his presence announced by lightning strikes and the appearance of his shadow; his only means of offense is spawning shadowy translucent doppelgangers called Black Bogmires from the ground (and often from his actual shadow). Bogmire vanishes some time after the Black Bogmires spawn, signaled by his shadow vanishing, and he reappears elsewhere and repeat the pattern. The size of his shadow upon appearing determines the size of the specific Black Bogmire that spawns from it. To vacuum Bogmire, Luigi must suck up any of the Black Bogmires with his Poltergust 3000, shaping it into a ball that he can aim at Bogmire. If hit, he is enveloped by the ball of shadow, rendering him vulnerable. Bogmire is one of the trickier ghosts to vacuum up, and may break free of Luigi's grasp within a few seconds. Additionally, he deliberately tries to pull Luigi through any active Black Bogmires. After capturing Bogmire, Luigi is returned to the Graveyard, where a large chest with the key to the Courtyard appears.

Bogmire is the only portrait ghost in the original Nintendo GameCube version who has a portrait displaying another enemy, particularly his gold frame, in which a Black Bogmire is also shown.



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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シャドーマ
From "shadow" and possibly「魔」(ma, "demon") or「マッド」(maddo, "mud")

Chinese 影魔[1]
Yǐng Mó
Derived from the Japanese name

French M. Marais, L'Ombre du Cimetière
Mr. Swamp, the Graveyard's Shadow
German Herr Finsterling, Schatten des Friedhofs
Mr. Darkling, Cemetery Shadow
Italian Ombretta, l'ombra del cimitero
Ombretta, The Graveyard's Shadow. "Ombretta" literally means "little shadow" (it's also the same name as Vivian and Twila)
Korean 섀도스리

Portuguese Pantalma
Portmanteau of pântano ("swamp") and alma ("soul")
Spanish Ciro, la sombra del cementerio
Ciro, the Graveyard's Shadow