Shrewd Possessor

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Shrewd Possessor
Mansion Secret Mine
Room Frozen Pit

The Shrewd Possessor (Scornful Possessor in the British English version) is the fourth Possessor boss Luigi faces in the Nintendo 3DS game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. The Possessor's American name is a pun, as shrewd means piercingly cold.

It is first encountered in the Secret Mine's Workshop where it is seen trying to harass a fuzzball. When Luigi faces the Possessor, it will take control of the frozen ground below it, in an attempt to escape with the Dark Moon piece, causing Luigi to chase it down the pit. The Shrewd Possessor holds the fifth Dark Moon piece.


The Shrewd Possessor as an icy monster

When possessing ice, the Possessor resembles a large, icy face with a big jaw and two gray eyes.

When not being shielded by ice, the Shrewd Possessor is a thin, white, multilayered skin ghost. This Possessor has four horns: two horns that curve outward and a horn on each of those horns that protrude sideways.


Luigi battling the Shrewd Possessor

The ice face does not directly attack Luigi. Instead, it spirals down the Frozen Pit clockwise while shielding itself with ice sheets. If Luigi destroys the ice shield, it stops spinning and attempts to eat Luigi.

While not possessing the ice, the Shrewd Possessor tries ramming into Luigi three times. Unlike the previous Possessors, this Possessor travels randomly through portals. After his third charge, it is stunned momentarily. It is possible for Luigi to stun it and start capturing it before it can attack.

Unlike previous battles, Luigi is sitting atop a sled-mounted shooter. The ice face protects itself with ice sheets. These sheets must be destroyed using the machine. Each time a bomb is used, the machine overheats slightly, and the Possessor moves down further. The ice face is invincible even if it is hit with a bomb. The only way to damage the ice face is to destroy all the ice sheets protecting it. This causes it to fly into a rage and attempt to eat Luigi. During this time, its mouth is open. If a bomb is shot into the ice face's mouth before it can hit Luigi, the bomb destroys the ice protecting the Possessor and reveal its true form. If the ice face's charge comes in contact with the machine, it significantly overheats. If the machine overheats, Luigi automatically gets a Game Over. If Luigi takes too long destroying the ice sheets or keeps missing, the ice face fully rebuilds the broken ice sheets. The machine does not cool down from this. With each phase change, the machine goes back to normal and the ice face gets an extra sheet of ice protecting it. Repeating this process three times earns Luigi a victory.


Ghost Container description[edit]

This possessor turned into a huge icy monster and tried to escape with the Dark Moon piece by tunnelling down through the Secret Mine. I thought Luigi was a goner for sure!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クアート
From "quattro" (Italian word for "four") and likely「嗚呼」(ā, an interjection expressing surprise or disgust)

Dutch Ontevreden indringer
Dissatisfied Intruder
French Mangesprit glacial
Icy spirit-eater
German Schmollmeister
Pout Master
Italian Possessore sprezzante
Scornful possessor
Portuguese (NOE) Possuidor Amuado
Sulking Possessor
Russian Агрессивный вселенец
Agressivnyy vselenets
Aggressive possessor

Spanish Supraente resentido
Resentful Possessor


  • When Luigi is watching the Possessor in the workshop for the first time, it does not have the Dark Moon piece in it. This could either be an oversight by the developers, or King Boo had not given it the piece yet.
  • The theme that plays during the battle is an altered version of the music that played in the E3 2012 trailer for the game.
  • Even after being caught, in the bonus mission, if the player peers through the workshop window again, the Possessor will be seen attempting to kill the fuzzball again, but it will never notice the player. For unknown reasons, the Workshop cannot be entered, despite nothing blocking the door.