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This article is about the crystal moon. For the game, see Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.
The Dark Moon being zapped by King Boo
The Dark Moon, seen at the beginning of the game before it is shattered
The Dark Moon being zapped by King Boo
The Dark Moon being zapped by King Boo
“See that on the screen? That there is the Dark Moon. It's a mysterious celestial body that has a pacifying effect on all of the ghosts in Evershade Valley.”
Professor E. Gadd, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

The Dark Moon is a crystal moon that is seen in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. It resides in the sky over Evershade Valley and the five mansions in it. The Dark Moon exudes energy that calms the ghosts in Evershade Valley and causes them to be friendly. In the beginning of the game, King Boo builds up power from the gem on his crown and zaps the Dark Moon, shattering it into six pieces that are scattered across Evershade Valley and causing the ghosts to become hostile. The Dark Moon's destruction also causes ominous fog to cover the valley. One of the pieces lands between Professor E. Gadd's Bunker and the Gloomy Manor; the professor collects it before contacting Luigi. Each of the five remaining pieces is given to a Possessor, by King Boo, in each of Evershade Valley's five mansions: the Gloomy Manor, Haunted Towers, Old Clockworks, Secret Mine, and Treacherous Mansion. Luigi must recover all of these pieces and restore the Dark Moon in order to make the ghosts peaceful again. After a piece has been recovered, E. Gadd uses an invention to clean it in order to get rid of disruptive energy and restore its original properties; this also clears away some of the dark fog.

In Luigi's Mansion 3, a miniature version of the Dark Moon can be found inside the Drawing Room, accompanying a miniature model of the Gloomy Manor. Additionally, when King Boo gets dazed during his boss fight, purple moons spin around his head rather than typical stars.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダークムーン
Dāku Mūn
Dark Moon
Chinese (Simplified) 暗月
Dark Moon
Dutch Donkere Maan Dark Moon
French Lune Noire Black Moon
German Finstermond Dark Moon
Italian Luna scura Dark Moon
Korean 다크 문
Dakeu Mun
Dark Moon
Portuguese Lua Negra Black Moon
Spanish Luna Oscura Dark Moon

Dark Moon piece[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダークムーンのかけら
Dāku Mūn no kakera
Dark Moon Fragment
Chinese (Simplified) 暗月碎片
Ànyuè Suìpiàn
Korean 다크 문 조각
Dakeu Mun Jogak

E. Gadd's invention[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴシゴシビートブラシ
Goshigoshi Bīto Burashi
Scrubbing Beat Brush; abbreviated as GB, a reference to the Game Boy.
Chinese (Simplified) 干干净净板刷
Gāngānjìngjìng Bǎnshuā
Abbreviated as GB, a reference to the Game Boy.
Korean 개운한 브러시
Gae'unhan Beureosi
Abbreviated as GB, a reference to the Game Boy.


  • The gemstone on King Boo's crown appears to be made out of the same material as the Dark Moon.