Evershade Valley

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Evershade Valley
Evershad valley.png
First appearance Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (2013)
Latest appearance Luigi's Mansion Arcade (2015)
Inhabitants Various ghosts, various creatures, Boos

Evershade Valley is the main setting of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. It is separate from the Mushroom Kingdom,[1] and it is known both for its large number of ghosts and as the location of the Dark Moon, a celestial body that has a pacifying effect on ghosts. The valley itself is separated into different areas, with each containing a mansion inhabited by ghosts.

Sometime after the events of Luigi's Mansion, Professor E. Gadd established a laboratory in the valley to continue his studies on ghosts. While there, E. Gadd obtains the help of the ghosts from the various mansions in the valley for his studies thanks to the Dark Moon's pacifying effects. One night, however, King Boo materializes in the shadowed sky and destroys the Dark Moon, scattering its shards across the valley. With the Dark Moon gone, the valley is covered in dark fog and the ghosts become hostile, forcing E. Gadd to recruit Luigi in order to capture the ghosts and restore peace to the valley.


Name/Artwork Location In-game description Missions Gems Possessor Boos
Monochrome Silhouette of the Gloomy Mansion
Gloomy Manor
A standard haunted mansion, located near the Bunker
Plains I, Professor Elvin Gadd, had been observing the ghosts living in this Gloomy Manor, when suddenly the Dark Moon broke into pieces and the ghosts got all hostile-like! Amethysts Grouchy Possessor
Grouchy Possessor
  • Boogie Woogie (A-1)
  • BaBoon (A-2)
  • Boo Boo (A-3)
  • Unnamed Boo (A-4)
  • Ooga Booga (A-5)
Haunted Towers
An overgrown botanical structure built around a big oak tree, located in a large forest
Forest These remarkable towers are built around a colossal tree. The original owners had a liking for gardening and exotic plants, which are now growing out of control! Emeralds White horned ghost.png
Harsh Possessor
  • MamBoo (B-1)
  • Boolean (B-2)
  • Booluga (B-3)
  • Boo B. Trap (B-4)
  • French Boodle (B-5)
Old Clockworks
A sand buried clockwork factory built on top of ancient ruins, located in a desert
Desert This factory once produced the world's finest clocks and time-measurement devices. Your watch probably comes from here, and you don't even know it! Rubies OversetPossessor.png
Overset Possessor
  • ComBooter (C-1)
  • Bootine/Booillon (C-2)
  • Boodonkulous (C-3)
  • JamBoolaya (C-4)
  • Boony Raboot (C-5)
Mansion 4 in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Secret Mine
A chalet and mining area, located on top of a snowy mountain
Snow/Mountain Some determined geologists started a mining operation in these snowcapped mountains. But when the ghosts started moving in, they got scared and abandoned it!
Some determined geologists set up a mining operation in these snow-capped mountains, but they got scared and abandoned it after the ghosts moved in! (PAL)
Sapphires ShrewdPossessor.png
Shrewd Possessor
  • Boofoon (D-1)
  • Booger/Boouncer (D-2)
  • ParaBoola (D-3)
Treacherous Mansion
A large museum, located in the middle of a giant ravine
Sky This massive mansion is filled with exotic exhibits created by its late globe-trotting owner. Oh, and it also contains the strongest paranormal signals ever recorded!
This massive mansion is filled with exotic exhibits fashioned by its globetrotting late owner. Oh, and it also has the strongest paranormal signals ever recorded! (PAL)
Diamonds ToughPossessor.png
Tough Possessor
  • Boolldog (E-1)
  • Boopa Troopa (E-2)
  • Booreaucrat (E-3)
  • Big Boo (E-4)
  • MaraBoo (E-5)
Green silhouette of the ScareScraper from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
A multiplayer-exclusive mansion, located somewhere unknown
Unknown This nightmarish skyscraper full of ghostly challenges awaits you and your courageous friends! Can you battle your way to the top? None None None None

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オバ渓谷
Portmanteau of お化け (obake, "ghost") and 渓谷 (keikoku, valley).
Chinese 鬼怪溪谷
Guǐguài Xīgǔ
Ghost Valley
Dutch Schaduwvallei Shadow Valley
French Vallée des Ombres Valley of Shadows
German Nachtschattental Night Shadow Valley
Italian Cupavalle Dark Valley
Korean 유령 계곡
Yuryeong Gyegok
Ghost Valley
Portuguese Vale das Sombras Valley of Shadows
Russian Сумрачная долина
Sumrachnaya dolina
Gloomy Valley
Spanish Valle Sombrío Shady Valley


  1. ^ Yoshihiko Ikebata (supervisor for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon) stated that "Evershade Valley is not located in the Mushroom Kingdom" in an interview for IGN. (Retrieved June 26, 2016)