Outlandish Interruption

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Outlandish Interruption
Outlandish Interruption from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Luigi discovering the Old Clockworks
Location Old Clockworks
Mission # 7
Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
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Outlandish Interruption is the bonus mission in the Old Clockworks from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. It is unlocked after Luigi clears the mansion's boss mission, and captures five Boos from previous missions.


Just as the other bonus missions in the game, Luigi has to capture ghosts in the shortest time he can. The order of the rooms and the variety and quantity of ghosts vary each time Luigi plays this mission. The mission is complete when Luigi clears the sixth room.


Mission Goal:
Ghosts are back in the Old Clockworks! Capture all the ghosts as soon as possible.


We've got a complication. There are paranormal signals in the Old Clockworks again! It's ghost-hunting time, sonny!


When clearing the Old Clockworks of ghosts, what E. Gadd will say to Luigi at the end of the mission will differ depending how quickly Luigi completes it:

"That'll do, Luigi! I think that was the last one! Come on back now." (Time over 5 minutes)

"Strong work, Luigi! You sent those ghosts packing, and very quickly, I should add! Let's bring you back now." (Time under 5 minutes)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オバケの大行進じゃ~!
Obake no dai kōshin ja!
Great March of Ghosts!
Chinese 鬼怪大游行~! (Simplified)
Guǐguài dà yóuxíng!
鬼怪大遊行~! (Traditional)
Guǐguài dà yóuxíng!
Great Parade of Ghosts!
Dutch Onverwachte overval Unexpected Raid
French Intervention inattendue Unexpected Intervention
German Operation Irrlicht
Italian Interruzione ultraterrena Otherworldly Interruption
Portuguese (NOE) Uma Interrupção Alheia An Alien Interruption
Russian Разгромный визит
Razgromnyy vizit
Destructive Visit
Spanish (NOA) Interrupción inesperada Unexpected Interruption
Spanish (NOE) Una interrupción inesperada An Unexpected Interruption