Chilly Ride

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Chilly Ride
Chilly Ride from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.
Boss Battle, seen in a first-person view
Location Secret Mine
Mission # 4
Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Boss(es) Shrewd Possessor
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Chilly Ride is the fourth and boss mission of the Secret Mine in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. The Shrewd Possessor possessing the frozen ground is fought in this mission, and the sled-mounted shooter is required to complete this mission.


Like other boss missions before, Luigi will be pixelated directly to the general area of the boss's location. If Luigi peers into the window, he will see that the Shrewd Possessor has disappeared, and there is nothing but a large sheet of ice on the floor. Once Luigi enters the room, the Possessor comes up to him, scares him, and dives right into the ice sheet. The ice sheet then turns into a ferocious ice monster, and dives down into the Frozen Pit. The sled-mounted shooter appears next to Luigi, Luigi gets on top of it, and the battle commences.

In battle, Luigi must fire a bomb at each of the ice sheets covering the ice monster's face, aiming with the gyro inside of the 3DS. However, the ice monster dives deeper into the pit every time one of the ice sheets on his face is destroyed, and if Luigi fails to destroy the ice sheets in time, the ice sheets will reform. Also, if Luigi shoots too many bombs, the machine will overheat, and it will give Luigi an instant Game Over. Once Luigi destroys the 8 ice sheets covering the monster's face, it will attempt to bite Luigi. Luigi must fire a bomb into its mouth in order for the Possessor to reveal itself.

Like other Possessors before, the Shrewd Possessor attempts to attack Luigi by ramming into him; though, this possessor has the ability to create portals which follow Luigi. After the Possessor fails to attack Luigi three times, it is stunned, and Luigi is able to attack it. Once Luigi removes its white coat, the Possessor goes back into the ice monster. The next two battles with the ice monster and the Possessor are largely the same, except the ice monster gets one more sheet of ice covering his face each time. Once the Possessor is defeated, Luigi is rewarded with the Dark Moon piece of the Secret Mine. More fog clears up as Luigi arrives in the Bunker, and Luigi is now able to visit the final mansion in the game, the Treacherous Mansion.


Mission Goals:
Open the door to the Workshop. Once inside, search for the Dark Moon piece.

The possessor is trying to get away, and the sled is overheating! Catch him, and retrieve the Dark Moon piece!

  • Retrieve the Dark Moon piece.


Bingo! I've found the possessor ghost hiding in the Workshop! And if we've learned anything, it's that where there are possessors, there are Dark Moon pieces!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アイスチェイスじゃ!
Aisucheisu ja!
Ice Chase!

Chinese 冰上追逐战! (Simplified)
Bīng shàng zhuīzhú zhàn!
冰上追逐! (Traditional)
Bīng shàng zhuīzhú!


Dutch IJzingwekkende sleerit
Sizzling Sleigh Ride
French L'odyssée glaciale
The Icy Odyssey
German Schlitter-Schlacht
Italian Discesa agghiacciante
Spine-Chilling Descent
Portuguese (NOE) Viagem Fresca
Cold Journey
Russian Морозная погоня
Moroznaya pogonya
Frosty Chase

Spanish Un viajecito fresco
A Cold Journey


  • In the cutscenes after the ice monster explodes with the bomb in its mouth, when the Possessor flies out, it is still in its white coat, even if it's the second or third phase of the fight.
  • The music that plays in this mission is the one that plays in the E3 trailer of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.