Old Clockworks

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Old Clockworks
First appearance Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (2013)
Latest appearance Luigi's Mansion Arcade (2015)
Greater location Evershade Valley
Inhabitants Greenies, Slammers, Hiders, Sneakers, mummies, Polterpup, Spirit Balls, Overset Possessor, Ancient Poltergeist, Strong Sneaker, Poltergeist, Gold Greenie

The Old Clockworks are the third mansion that Luigi visits in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. E. Gadd tells him that a Dark Moon piece is in the highest point of the clocktower. E. Gadd tells Luigi it closed shortly after opening due to some horrific accidents. As its name indicates, this mansion is fairly clockwork-themed, featuring various mechanical rooms. It is also somewhat of a desert theme, as its location features a lot of sand, as does the mansion itself. This is where Luigi can find a yellow Toad assistant. It is also shown here that several Boos save the Toad from a long fall, before sticking him in a painting.


The Old Clockworks originally produced, according to E. Gadd, the finest watches and clocks long ago. The factory itself is the oldest of the mansions as it is the Evershade Valley's ghosts' favorite haunt. The factory was built on top of some ruins. The owners of the clockworks seemed interested in this as mining and excavation equipment can be found strewn about the ruins. There is also a stairway leading from the factory into the ruins. It is unknown why it closed down, but several jackets, coats, and hats can be found still on racks, and the large amount of equipment and crates left behind suggests something happened within the factory itself to cause it to be abandoned.

In-game description[edit]

This factory once produced the world's finest clocks and time-measurement devices. Your watch probably comes from here, and you don't even know it!


Mission Image Description
C-1 A Timely Entrance A Timely Entrance from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Good news, Luigi. I've located the next Dark Moon piece. It's at the top of the Clock Tower. All you've gotta do is mosey on up there and grab it! What could go wrong?
C-2 Underground Expedition
Underground Trek
Underground Expedition from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon The special compass revealed another path to the underground! Let's hope those ghosts didn't hide the clock hands too well.
C-3 Roundhouse Brawl Roundhouse Brawl from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon That ancient ghost ran off with the clock hands we're looking for. Thankfully, his strong paranormal signal made him easy to find!
C-4 Play Catch
Ghosty in the Middle
Play Catch from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Well, we've recovered the minute hand, but the hour hand is still missing. I've detected some signals in the Clockworks Court, so let's start our search there.
C-5 Piece at Last Piece at Last from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon There's one last clock part we need to find before we can fix the Clock Tower Gate, and I think I know where it is!
Boss Showtime
Show Time
Showtime from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon We finally have everything we need to reach the top of the Clock Tower! But first, let's check the security image that the Toad brought with him.
Bonus Outlandish Interruption Outlandish Interruption from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon We've got a complication. There are paranormal signals in the Old Clockworks again! It's ghost-hunting time, sonny!


  • Special Compass
  • Balls of ribbon in the Warehouse that can be unraveled by a machine, containing items. One of these holds a Key.
  • Clock hands (minute and hour hands)
  • Clock Rotor
  • 13 Rubies



First Floor[edit]

(Ground Floor in PAL version)

Second Floor[edit]

(First floor in PAL version)

Third Floor[edit]

(Second floor in PAL version)

Basement 1[edit]

Basement 2[edit]


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジゴ~クロック工場
Jigo~kurokku Kōjō
「ジゴ~クロック」is a pun on「地獄」(jigoku, hell) and "clock", and「工場」means "factory"
Chinese 地獄時鐘工廠
Dìyù shízhōng gōngchǎng
Hell-like Clock Factory
Dutch Oude Klokkenfabriek Old Clock Factory
French Pendularium Latin word for "Pendulum Clock"
German Ingenieurshof Engineer Yard
Italian Fabbrica di Orologi Clock Factory
Korean 오래된 시계 공장
Oraedoen Sigye Gongjang
Old Clock Factory
Portuguese Fábrica de Relógios Clock Factory
Russian Заброшенный Завод
Zabrosheny Zavod
Abandoned Factory
Spanish Fábrica de Relojes Clock Factory