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Gobber LMDM artwork.jpg
First appearance Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (2013)
Latest appearance Luigi's Mansion Arcade (2015)
Strong Gobber
Garbage Can Ghost
Notable members
Creeper Launcher

A Gobber is a large yellow ghost in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Gobbers are very slow, making them easy targets when alone. However, with a group of ghosts, they may be more difficult to catch. They are first encountered in the first mission of Haunted Towers interrupting Luigi's level-clearing animation. They have 100 HP.

A Gobber also appears as a part of a trophy, alongside a Greenie, Slammer, and Hider, in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. The trophy can be unlocked at random.


Gobbers are able to throw paranormal goo on the ground and at Luigi, similar to the Garbage Can Ghosts from Luigi's Mansion. These goo puddles will damage Luigi upon contact. Luigi should use a Power Surge to stop him from throwing goo. Gobbers also try to crush Luigi when he gets too close.

In ScareScraper, specifically in Rush Mode, if a player approaches a door in a dark room that has been seemingly cleared of all other ghosts, a Gobber may drop from the ceiling and coat one of the doors with its goo as it lands, rendering the door useless; the goo will disappear once the Gobber is defeated. This usually happens during Red Coin Scramble or when a Luigi is the last one of a group to leave the dark room.

Ghost Container Description[edit]

American English: Their appetite is...ah...formidable. With stomachs that lack physical boundaries, they won't hesitate to devour everything around them! Be wary of the puddles of...goo.
British English: Their appetite is formidable, and given that their stomachs have no physical boundaries, they just devour everything around them! Be wary of the puddles of goo.


Dark Moon Quest[edit]



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ルゴーバ
From「ルノーマ」(Runōma, Greenie) and "gobber"
Chinese 嚕吃吃
Lu Chichi
Japanese name + repeated form of「吃」(chī, to eat)
Dutch Schrikop Pun on "schrokop" (glutton) and "schrik" (dread)
French Gobeur Gobber
German Klops Meatballs (literally)
Italian Bavoso Dribbling
Korean 치미
From "침" (chim, saliva) and possibly the noun-forming suffix "~이" (-i)
Portuguese Gosmos Masculine form of "gosmas" (goos)
Russian Пузан
From "пуза" (puza), an inflection of "пузо" (puzo, a colloquialism for "belly")
Spanish Babajoso From "baba" (drool) and "pegajoso" (sticky)


  • Gobbers and Strong Gobbers are quite similar to Mr. Luggs, as they are both significantly overweight, they both use projectile attacks, and they both serve as minibosses.
  • In the ScareScraper a Gobber and two Greenies holding food can be encountered in the rooms. This may be a reference to Mr. Luggs and the two Waiters from Luigi's Mansion.
  • If Luigi waits for a bit while facing a Gobber, it may pull out an item, lick its mouth, and eat it, such as an old boot, a roast chicken, and a watermelon.
  • Whenever a Gobber or its counterparts eats something, it has a chance of either burping or farting.