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Waiter in the game Luigi's Mansion.
A Waiter serving food to Mr. Luggs in Luigi's Mansion
First appearance Luigi's Mansion (2001)
Latest appearance Luigi's Mansion (Nintendo 3DS) (2018)
Variant of Ghost
A Waiter serving food to Mr. Luggs in the Nintendo 3DS remake

Waiters are a type of Ghost which appear in Luigi's Mansion. They are light blue ghosts dressed up in waiter outfits that carry plates of food in each hand.

Waiters are only encountered once, in the Dining Room, where two of them work to continuously supply Mr. Luggs with food. Unlike most ghosts, Waiters cannot damage Luigi. Like Gold Ghosts, Waiters only have 10 HP. Waiters are unaffected by elemental attacks despite their heart having neither fire, water, nor ice protection.

In order to battle Mr. Luggs, Luigi has to make him to run out of food. He can do this by either capturing the Waiters so that Mr. Luggs cannot be resupplied with food or by stunning them using his flashlight, causing them to dissipate and reset, giving Luigi a brief chance to vacuum up Mr. Luggs's food without capturing the two Waiters. In the latter case, Mr. Luggs becomes enraged, and the Waiters flee in terror.


Luigi's Mansion (Nintendo 3DS)[edit]

  • In-game description: "A ghost in the Dining Room. His hands are full, so he can't grab."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウェイター トッキー
Weitā Tokkī
Waiter Grabbing Ghost
German Herr Obergeist Pun on herr ober, a noble form of kellner (waiter), the prefix ober- (senior), and geist (ghost)
Italian Cameriere Waiter
Korean 웨이터 토키
Weiteo Toki
Waiter Grabbing Ghost