Mr. Bones

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“Fer the luvva dirt, make that yappy dog be QUIET!”
Mr. Bones, Luigi's Mansion
Mr. Bones in the game Luigi's Mansion.
A Mr. Bones in the Graveyard

Mr. Bones, also referred to as skeletons[1][2] or skeleton ghosts,[3] are white skeletal ghosts appearing in Luigi's Mansion and its remake that are similar to Dry Bones. They attack by throwing bones at Luigi. These ghosts have thirty HP. Mr. Bones can also, like all other normal ghosts, be defeated by one of the three Elements. They are the only regular ghosts in the game with legs.

One is first encountered in the Boneyard where it was disturbed by Spooky's barking. It must be defeated in order to capture Spooky. Mr. Bones are also found in the Graveyard and have to be defeated to lure out Bogmire. More Mr. Bones are encountered in the Telephone Room after the blackout.


Luigi's Mansion (Nintendo 3DS)[edit]

  • In-game description: "A skeletal ghost who throws his own bones and falls apart."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バラバラ
A Japanese term meaning "in pieces" or "scattering"

French M. Nonoss
From "monsieur" (mister) and "nonoss" (a childish word meaning "bone")
German G. Bein
Pun on "gebein" (another word for "skelett", meaning "skeleton") and possibly the abbreviation of "geist" (ghost)
Italian Sig. Tuttossi
Mr. Allbones
Spanish (NOA) Esqueleto Fantasma
Skeleton Ghost
Spanish (NOE) D. Huesos
Don Huesos, "Mr. Bones"


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