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Not to be confused with Professor Elvin Gadd's Lab, E. Gadd's headquarters in general in Luigi's Mansion.
The Lab
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The Lab is a room in Luigi's Mansion. It is here that Professor E. Gadd informs Luigi about the mansion and its ghosts near the beginning of the game, and later provides information on Boos. This is also where E. Gadd asks the player where they want to go; to the Mansion, the Training Room, the Gallery, or, once the game is beaten, the Hidden Mansion.


  • If the player looks in this room closely or uses the Game Boy Horror in the Training Room or the Gallery, they will notice that there is a wooden ladder visible, showing that E. Gadd's headquarters is underground. It is possible to climb the ladder via an Action Replay Code that allows Luigi to move when he isn't meant to. but it does not lead to anything. The doors are just part of the model, not actual door objects.