Restroom (Mezzanine)

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Gooigi in the Restroom.
Floor Mezzanine

The Restroom is a location in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is found in the Mezzanine on the second floor of The Last Resort. It is a restroom found south of the Kitchen and north of the Entertainment Room.

At first, the left restroom is blocked by a pile of food inside, so Luigi can only enter the right restroom. There is a painting near the door to the right restroom Luigi can use the Dark-Light Device on to get coins.

Inside the right restroom, there are three stalls, two sinks, and a dryer. Luigi can use the Suction Shot on the right stall's door to destroy it and discover a floating newspaper. He can then pull away the newspaper to reveal a Jewel Rausuto with the white Gem.

On the left wall is a grate which Gooigi can go through to get to the left restroom. He is then able to clear away the pile of food blocking off the door, allowing Luigi to enter the restroom. There is also food in the sinks and a bag full of money hidden behind the sinks. There is an invisible dryer in the southwest corner of this restroom which can only be revealed with the Dark-Light Device. Gooigi can then use the dryer to get a lot of coins.

After the Rat with the fourth floor's elevator button flees the Entertainment Room, he runs to the left restroom. Luigi needs to use the Suction Shot on a grate so Gooigi can enter the left restroom. Gooigi must then use the Suction Shot on the middle stall's door to destroy it and reveal a group of rats sitting on the toilet. He then needs to find the glowing one with the elevator button to flash it and get the button back.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Toilette
Italian Toilette
Spanish (NOA) Baño