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Trapper concept art
First appearance Luigi’s Mansion 3 (2019)
Variant of Ghost

Trappers are orange ghosts with blue tongues in Luigi's Mansion 3. They wait in front of doors or against the wall in narrow hallways while invisible. If Luigi comes near them, they will reveal themselves and grab him with one of their tongues. A Trapper can also be revealed using the Dark-Light Device, which can prevent the Trapper from grabbing Luigi. If Gooigi bursts next to a Trapper as it attacks, it will drop Luigi and return to its invisible state. To prevent Luigi from taking damage, the player must call out Gooigi and flash it with the Strobulb. They have two blue tongues, both of which need to be sucked up by Luigi and Gooigi to defeat them. Trappers have 0 HP, and defeating one requires Luigi and Gooigi to pull on each tongue and then slam it.

On the 15th floor of the Last Resort, there is a Trapper that, if not sucked up after being flashed by the Strobulb, will become invisible and move to a different spot on the floor.

Not counting mini ghosts, Trappers are the only regular ghost that do not appear in the ending cutscene to help Luigi rebuild the hotel. They are also the only regular ghosts that do not appear in ScareScraper, as well as the only ones without any rare variants. They are the rarest regular ghosts in the hotel and, by extension, the entire game.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エリスト
Possibly a portmanteau of「」(eri, fish trap) and "ghost"

Chinese (simplified) 长舌头
Cháng Shétou
Long Tongue

Chinese (traditional) 長舌頭
Cháng Shétou
Long Tongue

Dutch Strikker
Someone who snares
French Languisseur
German Blocker
Italian Lingualunga
Long tongue; also a figurative term to refer to talkative people
Korean 엘리스트
Transliterated from the Japanese name

Spanish (NOA) Lamejoso
From "lamer" (to lick) and "pegajoso" (sticky)
Spanish (NOE) Azotiche
From "azote" (licking)