Master Suite

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Master Suite
Luigi exploring the Master Suite in Luigi's Mansion 3.
Floor 15
Boss Hellen Gravely

The Master Suite is the fifteenth floor of The Last Resort in Luigi's Mansion 3 and it is the only floor not to contain a hidden Boo. It can be accessed after recovering this floor's elevator button by capturing DJ Phantasmagloria in the Dance Hall. It is the topmost floor of the hotel and Hellen Gravely's personal quarters. Due to her fanatical fondness of King Boo, several of the objects and furniture in the Master Suite resemble him, including lamps, trash cans, pillows, and slippers. Paintings and sculptures of King Boo are found in the main hallway (with some having her with him as well), and the gems on this floor are also shaped like him. As soon as Luigi enters the Master Suite, a video of Hellen appears on the projection screen. She congratulates Luigi for making it this far, but warns him that it is not over yet. She then reveals that she plans to capture Luigi herself and give him to King Boo as a present. She also reveals that Mario's painting is hanging above her desk. She then dares Luigi to come and find her. After the video, Professor E. Gadd calls Luigi and tells him to face off against the hotel owner and rescue his brother.

There is a pipe in the southeast corner of the Lounge which takes Gooigi up to a chain, which he must pull to raise the projection screen, revealing a hidden door leading to the main hallway. In order to reach the Main Observation Room where Hellen is, Luigi must find four keys and insert them into the tongue of a large sculpture of King Boo at the far north end of the hallway. The keys have tops shaped like King Boo's Crown and are colored pink, green, blue, and yellow, the same colors as the keys guarded by area bosses in Luigi's Mansion. Each key is in one of four rooms connected to the hallway. The rooms feature laser security systems which Luigi must avoid and disarm to obtain the keys.

Upon reaching her, Hellen angrily berates Luigi for messing up her hotel and capturing her staff, as well as her ghost cat, Polterkitty, and costing her King Boo's praise when he fled the RIP Suites. She inadvertently exposes her true form and shuts the vault, challenging Luigi to a battle. Her battle consists of Luigi and Gooigi working together to reroute lasers to reach her. Once she has been captured, Luigi can use the Dark-Light Device on Mario's painting to rescue him. He and Luigi hug and rejoice. Just before Luigi leaves, Mario shows him a door hidden behind the screens. This door leads them up to the Rooftop, where Luigi is able to rescue Princess Peach and battle King Boo. Before going through the door, Professor E. Gadd warns Luigi of an unusual presence behind it, and asks if he's ready to keep going. If he declines, E. Gadd advises him to do what he feels is best, but recommends that he prepare himself; if he says "Yes", E. Gadd wishes him the best of luck, but then the transmission gets cut off, later revealed to be because King Boo captured the lab with him and the Toads inside.


Name Image Gem availability Boo availability
Lounge The Master Suite Lounge. Yes No
Hallway The Hallway of the Master Suite in Luigi's Mansion 3 Yes No
Library The Library of the Master Suite in Luigi's Mansion 3 Yes No
Drawing Room The Drawing Room of the Master Suite in Luigi's Mansion 3 No No
Master Bedroom Luigi exploring the Master Suite in Luigi's Mansion 3. Yes No
Master Bathroom The Master Bathroom of the Master Suite in Luigi's Mansion 3 Yes No
Main Observation Room Main Observation Room No No

Gem locations[edit]

Gem Room Location
Gem Hallway Luigi should rotate the statue in the southwest corridor until its shadow aligns with the King Boo painting, then the Luigi painting.
Gem Library At the bottom of the room, Luigi should walk left to find a hidden area, where he can find a book he can carry with the Poltergust G-00. Luigi should take the book to the bookcase right of where the room's key is found, and place it in the missing spot.
Gem Master Bathroom Gooigi should drop down the grate in front of the shower, then go in the alcove opposite where there is a King Boo shadow (which is actually the gem), then go through the pipe to reach the gem.
Gem Lounge Luigi and Gooigi should stand on the tables on each side of the big couch at the same time.
Gem Lounge Gooigi should enter a pipe left of the door to the hall, then fall down the alcove in the back from the top of the elevator.
Gem Master Bedroom Gooigi should use the pendulum platform to reach the gem, which is near the top of the room and behind some bars he can go through.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ペントハウス
Pento Hausu
Pent House
Dutch Luxesuite Luxious suite
French (NOA) Suite des maîtres Master suite
French (NOE) Suite maîtresse Master suite
German Penthouse Penthouse
Italian Attico Attic
Spanish (NOA) Suite superior Superior Suite
Spanish (NOE) Ático Attic