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Luigi holding the 3rd Elevator button from Luigi's Mansion 3
Luigi holding the third floor elevator button
“Ho ho! Those are definitely the elevator buttons! I never would've guessed a ghost had taken them! But...there are only two. Maybe there are other ghosts out there with the rest of the buttons?”
Professor E. Gadd, Luigi's Mansion 3

Elevator buttons are items in Luigi's Mansion 3. As the name suggests, they are the buttons for The Last Resort's elevator, enabling access to the different floors of the hotel.

After King Boo and Hellen Gravely spring their trap on Luigi and his friends, all of the buttons are taken out of the elevator's control panel apart from the button to B1, with the rest being distributed to powerful ghosts residing in The Last Resort. As Luigi progresses through the hotel, he must defeat the various boss ghosts to retrieve the elevator buttons and return them to the control panel, enabling him to reach the other floors and rescue his friends. In most cases, he receives the button immediately after defeating the bosses, but some require him to solve a puzzle or catch another ghost that steals the button before he can collect it (most notably Polterkitty).

When Luigi returns a button to the elevator, it vibrates out of his extended hand as it reinserts itself into the control panel.

List of elevator buttons[edit]

Floor destination Floor found Guarded by
1 & 5 Basement Steward
3 RIP Suites Chambrea
2 Hotel Shops Kruller
4 Mezzanine Chef Soulfflé1
6 The Great Stage Amadeus Wolfgeist
7 Castle MacFrights King MacFrights
8 Garden Suites Dr. Potter
9 Paranormal Productions Morty2, 4
B2 Unnatural History Museum Ug3
10 Boilerworks Clem
11 Tomb Suites Serpci
12 Twisted Suites Nikki, Lindsey, & Ginny
13 The Spectral Catch Captain Fishook
14 Fitness Center Johnny Deepend4
15 The Dance Hall DJ Phantasmagloria

1 - Stolen by mice after defeating Chef Soulfflé
2 - Given to Luigi by Morty after defeating a Goob in a monster suit
3 - Held by the imprisoned blue Toad guarded by Ug
4 - Stolen by Polterkitty after returning to the elevator