The Spectral Catch

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The Spectral Catch
The Spectral Catch, the twelfth floor of The Last Resort in Luigi's Mansion 3.
Floor 12
Boss Captain Fishook
Boo Booccaneer
“Luigi! Thanks to that boat in your way, it doesn't look like you can go any further. What is a boat even doing there...”
Professor Elvin Gadd, Luigi's Mansion 3

The Spectral Catch is the nautical-themed twelfth floor of The Last Resort in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is accessible after obtaining this floor's elevator button from Nikki, Lindsey, & Ginny in the Twisted Suites, though the Elevator Hall is the only room that can be explored upon first arriving here. The door to the Grotto Lounge is blocked by the remains of a boat. After Luigi looks inside, Professor E. Gadd calls and tells him to return to the lab. There, Luigi learns that one of the Toads has gone missing at the Boilerworks while attempting to retrieve one of E. Gadd's inventions, forcing Luigi to return there and rescue the Toad. After that, E. Gadd gives Luigi the ability to use Super Suction so he can destroy the boat remains and access the rest of the floor.

At the Beach, there is a ship off in the distance. Ringing the bell on the pier summons it to shore, where the plank is laid out for Luigi. When he boards the ship, he find the yellow Toad's painting on the stern, but gets attacked by Captain Fishook, who reveals the Fitness Center's elevator button beneath his eye patch. He possesses the deck of the ship and tries to eat Luigi while Oozers throw powder kegs at him. Luigi has to drop the kegs in the wooden mouth to make Fishook vulnerable to attack. During his final phase, Fishook possesses the stern and tries to eat Luigi by tilting the ship upward. After sending more powder kegs into his mouth and vacuuming him once more, Luigi is able to capture Fishook, obtain the elevator button that grants access to the Fitness Center, and rescue the Toad.

Later, Luigi returns here while chasing Polterkitty, who stole the elevator button found in the Fitness Center. However, Polterkitty escapes yet again to the Twisted Suites.


Name Image Gem availability Boo availability
Elevator Hall The Elevator Hall of The Spectral Catch in Luigi's Mansion 3. Yes No
Grotto Lounge The Spectral Catch, the twelfth floor of The Last Resort in Luigi's Mansion 3. Yes Yes
Beach The Beach in Luigi's Mansion 3 Yes Yes

Gem locations[edit]

Gem Room Location
Gem Grotto Lounge Near the entrance, using the Dark-Light Device on a crate reveals a flag and a rope. Pulling the rope raises the flag and makes the gem come out of a skull's mouth.
Gem Beach Launching three coconuts at the mermaid statue on the left spawns a Gem Goob.
Gem Elevator Hall Using Super Suction on the carpet reveals a red dotted line leading to an X. Bursting on it reveals the gem.
Gem Beach At the far right, there are two islands with missing bridges in between that can be restored using the Dark-Light Device. The gem is in a treasure chest buried beneath the sand on the farthest island. The ship has a hidden map that reveals the location of this gem, though the gem can be obtained without finding the map.
Gem Beach Buried in the sand on the island in between the two bridges used to reach the green gem.
Gem Elevator Hall Using Super Suction on the far left wall reveals a pipe that leads behind the desk. Gooigi must go through and grab the globe, take it to the east end of the room, and launch it at the hanging ball on the right.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビーチレストランフロア
Bīchi Resutoran Furoa
Beach Restaurant Floor
Dutch Taverne Tavern (Known as Bistro) A small bar commonly found in large cities.
French (NOA) La Prise Spectrale The Spectral Catch
French (NOE) Prise Spectrale Spectral Catch
German Strandbar Beach bar
Italian Covo dei pirati Pirate cove
Spanish (NOA) La Sardina Espectral The Spectral Sardine
Spanish (NOE) El salmonente Pun on salmonete (red mullet, a type of fish) and ente (entity)