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This article is about the ghost from Luigi's Mansion 3. For the variant of Monty Moles, see Morty Mole.
Not to be confused with Mort T.
Morty in Luigi's Mansion 3
Floor Paranormal Productions
HP 25
“The tragedy. Oooooh ho ho ho! Is this my end? Is this what I, Morty, director of the finest films, am destined for? How could I lose it... I am a puny, worthless movie director... That's all... Even the sparkle from this beautiful button is now nothing but a dull hue... AHHHHH! My bright red megaphone! Where art thou?! I would give anything to be able to hold my dear, sweet megaphone again...”
Morty, Luigi's Mansion 3

Morty is a movie director ghost and the eighth boss encountered in Luigi's Mansion 3 and the only optional boss ghost in the game. His name possibly comes from the Latin term mortis ("of death"). Unlike the other bosses, he does not need to be captured due to being the only passive one and is never directly fought prior to obtaining the elevator button from him. He instead has Luigi fight against a Goob dressed in a monster suit as part of a filming project.

Morty plays a similar role to Madame Clairvoya from Luigi's Mansion as they are passive ghosts who show no hostility towards Luigi. Madame Clairvoya's status is required to be captured, however, in order to progress through the game.


Morty is a blue ghost slightly resembling a Goob with yellow eyes and mouth, as well as navy blue eyebrows, and is dressed in a dark blue sweater and cap.


Luigi finds Morty upset over his missing megaphone and attempts to hand it back to him. Morty is then overjoyed, although after noticing Luigi, he then notices that several of his features make him perfect for stardom before starting filming and demanding for a stage crew.

Morty is not fought, but rather filming the battle and gratefully commenting his two "actors" while filming. After Luigi beats the Godzilla-like ghost, Morty gives him the elevator button as a sign of gratitude before flying into his editing room.

Morty can then be seen editing in the Editing Room and, if left alone for a short period of time, he then relaxes after finishing his movie.


Morty concept art
Concept art of Morty and the kaiju-Goob

As noted above, the player must instead fight a Goob inside a monster costume as part of Morty's new film, as opposed to just fighting Morty himself. The Goob attacks with fireballs from its mouth, either a barrage of small orange ones or a single large blue one. If it is too close to a building or Luigi, it can also swing its claws at them, destroying any hit buildings in the process. The player has to bait the Goob into launching its large blue fireballs and then repel it with the Poltergust G-00 until it explodes in the monster's face. After the first hit, the Goob monster uses orange fireballs more frequently and replaces the blue fireball with a green one; when Luigi blows it back, the Goob retaliates with a stronger breath that requires Gooigi's help to overcome. For the final hit, the Goob retaliates to the redirected fireball by blowing even harder than before, requiring the player to mash the A button to force the ball into the foe one last time. If successful, the monster costume is destroyed by the blast, leaving only a standard Goob for the player to defeat. Afterwards, Morty expresses gratitude to Luigi by willingly giving Luigi the elevator button that grants access to the Unnatural History Museum and collecting his film reels and leaving for the cutting room. However, when Luigi goes to put the elevator button back in, Polterkitty steals it, forcing a chase to get it back.

During the battle, if Morty thinks Luigi cannot perform alone, he recommends calling Gooigi (which Morty calls as Luigi's supporting actor) for help.

Luigi can go to Morty's Editing Room and capture him at any time, however capturing him while he is still editing results in his film becoming unable to view. Morty's editing is finished by the time Luigi retrieves the Unnatural History Museum's elevator button from Polterkitty. If he is done editing, Morty can be seen sitting on a chair in a relaxed pose, presumably sleeping. When he is being sucked in, he makes a sad pose and does his picture pose with his hands. Unlike when capturing other boss ghosts, Luigi expresses guilt about his actions (even more so if he is not allowed to finish his film), likely because Morty was friendly and willing to help him.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジョー・ノーズ
Jō Nōzu
Joe Nose

Chinese (simplified) 强诺兹
Qiángnuòzī or Jiàngnuòzī
Transliterated from the Japanese name

Chinese (traditional) 強諾茲
Qiángnuòzī or Jiàngnuòzī
Transliterated from the Japanese name

Dutch Rogier Mortis
Pun on rigor mortis
French Oscar
Possibly a reference to the American Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscars
German Morty
Same as English name
Italian Morty Ciak
From "ciak" (clapperboard)
Korean 조노즈
Same as Japanese

Spanish (NOA) Penanski
Pun on penar (to haunt) and the last name of movie director Roman Polanski
Spanish (NOE) Otto van Decliv
"Declive" means "decline". It might also be a reference to famous Danish director Lars von Trier


  • During Luigi's Mansion 3's development, the developers considered making it impossible to capture Morty. This was changed after consideration that some players would want to capture every ghost.[1]
  • While Morty is crying over his lost megaphone, if Luigi approaches him before returning his megaphone, he leans away from him, leaning left when he is on his right and vice versa, leaning back when he is in front of him and leaning forward if he walks behind him.


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