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Floor Paranormal Productions
HP 25

Morty is a movie director ghost and the eighth boss encountered in Luigi's Mansion 3. Unlike the other bosses, Morty does not need to be captured due to being the only friendly one, and is never directly fought prior to obtaining the elevator button from him. He instead has Luigi fight against various elements as part of a filming project.


Morty is a blue ghost with yellow eyes and mouth, navy blue hair and eyebrows, and a slightly French accent. He wears a dark blue sweater and beret, and likes to carry around a large, red megaphone.

Luigi finds Morty fuming over a lost director speaker and attempts to hand it back to him. Morty is then overjoyed, although after noticing Luigi, he then notices that several of his features make him eligible to stardom before starting filming and demanding for a stage crew.


As noted above, Morty is never directly fought. Instead, the player has to fight a ghost inside a dinosaur costume in a manner similar to Godzilla. The player has to bait the ghost into launching a colored (i.e. non-orange) blast and then direct it back at the monster, requiring three hits to reduce it to its basic blue ghost form, the latter two hits requiring Gooigi's help. Afterwards, the player merely needs to suck in the 100 HP ghost. Afterwards, Morty expresses gratitude and leaves for the cutting room, although not before willingly giving Luigi the ninth floor button. However, when Luigi goes to put the elevator button back in the first time around, Polterkitty will swipe it.

Luigi can go to Morty's editing room and capture him at any time, however capturing him while he is still editing will result in his movie becoming unable to view. When he is being sucked in, he'll do his picture pose with his hands. Unlike when capturing other boss ghosts, Luigi feels guilty about his actions, likely because Morty was friendly and willing to give Luigi the button he was holding.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジョー・ノーズ
Jō Nōzu
Joe Nose
French Oscar A reference to the American Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscars
Dutch Rogier Mortis Pun on rigor mortis
German Morty Possibly from the French word "mort" (death), same as English name
Italian Morty Ciak "Ciak" is the Italian name of movie clapperboard.
Korean 조노즈
Same as Japanese