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Official artwork of Poltergeist from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
First appearance Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (2013)
Latest appearance Luigi's Mansion Arcade (2015)
Notable members
“Those brainy Poltergeists sure are strong, but they don't seem to be in charge of the other ghosts. I reckon they're still worth studying, though!”
Professor E. Gadd, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Poltergeists (called Boffins in the British English versions) are a type of ghost in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. They are orange and possess large brains. While Luigi explores the Gloomy Manor, Professor E. Gadd insists he captures this ghost for research. An Ancient Poltergeist is the mini-boss of Old Clockworks, and a Strong Poltergeist is the mini-boss of Treacherous Mansion. Poltergeists also appear in the bonus mission in Gloomy Manor and the Old Clockworks. A large Poltergeist called The Brain is the final boss for the co-op mode, ScareScraper.


The Poltergeist has the power to move objects with telekinesis. When Luigi fights the Poltergeist, it throws books at him while he searches for it. It can even throw books at Luigi while it is being sucked into the Poltergust 5000 to get away. When the Strobulb is used on it while it is carrying a book, it blocks the light using the book, and so the player must wait until the book is thrown to stun it. It is almost always invisible, but the player can use the Dark-Light Device to reveal its current location and stun it afterward. It also plays the piano during the entire battle. In the Old Clockworks bonus mission, instead of books, it throws the bricks placed around the room.

Ghost Container description[edit]

American English:

  • Poltergeist: These big-headed know-it-alls have swollen brains (and egos) that afford them telekinetic power. Sadly, their sense of humor seems to be underdeveloped.

British English:

  • Boffins: These big-headed know-it-alls have swollen brains (and egos) that afford them telekinetic power. Sadly, this seems to come at the cost of a sense of humour.



Dark Moon Quest[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ルポルタ
From "poltergeist" and「ルノーマ」(Runōma, Greenie)

Chinese 噜骚灵


Dutch Klopgeest
French Cérébrus
Latin form of "cérébral" (cerebral)
German Poltergeist
Italian Poltergeist
Korean 폴터
Polter; short for "poltergeist"

Portuguese Poltergeist
Spanish Cerebropio
From "cerebro" (brain)


  • In the bonus missions of Gloomy Manor and Old Clockworks, if Luigi has to clear a room where a Poltergeist was fought in the campaign, a normal one will appear in the room.