Aviation Exhibit

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Aviation Exhibit
The Aviation Exhibit in Treacherous Mansion
Mansion Treacherous Mansion

The Aviation Exhibit is a room in Treacherous Mansion in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. This room is accessed via the top left most door in the West Corridor. It has various displays related to planes and other aircraft, including a plane model to the right, tables with hot air balloon displays near the south, and a giant balloon in the center of the room.


In Double Trouble, the Aviation Exhibit is an entirely optional area that isn't required to be visited. If Luigi goes in, however, he can get a gem by pulling on the sandbags attached to the balloon in the center of the room to pull the grate in the floor up. He, however, has to fight a Strong Hider and two Strong Greenies beforehand.

In Paranormal Chaos, the mission's Boo has made the balloon in the center of the room invisible. Revealing it with the Dark-Light Device lets Luigi capture him.

In Terrifying Invasion, the Aviation Exhibit might be one of the rooms infested with ghosts.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Luftfahrt-Ausstellung
Aviation Exhibit
Italian Sala dell'aviazione
Aviation [exhibit] hall
Spanish (NOE) Sala aeronáutica
Aeronautical Room