Master Hall

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Master Hall
Sticky Situation from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Mansion Gloomy Manor

The Master Hall (Upstairs Corridor in the British English version) is a room in the Gloomy Manor in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. This area is accessed by taking the door on the left on the second floor of the Foyer. It is a hallway that, for most of the missions, has part of its area blocked off by a large spider web. The bottom door on the left takes Luigi into the Parlor while the middle door takes him into the Bedroom. The Rafters are accessed by pulling on the cord behind the spider web, although that room can only be accessed during Mission A-5.

In A-5: Sticky Situation, the Master Hall is one of the few rooms that is always covered in spider webs.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かい廊下ろうか
Ni-kai no Rōka
Upstairs Corridor
German Oberer Westflur Upper West corridor
Italian Corridoio superiore Upstairs hallway
Portuguese (NOE) Corredor Superior Upper Corridor
Spanish (NOE) Pasillo superior Upper Corridor