Grouchy Possessor

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Grouchy Possessor
Grouchy Possessor
Mansion Gloomy Manor
Room Cellar

The Grouchy Possessor is the first Possessor boss Luigi faces in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. He is fought in the Gloomy Manor's Cellar where he has possessed a spider queen. The Grouchy Possessor is the cause of the spider web infestation inside the mansion and he also has the second Dark Moon piece.

Ghost Container Description[edit]

This magnificent ghost possessed a spider queen in his efforts to hold on to his Dark Moon piece. Luigi really had to use his noggin to outsmart this spectre! He has his moments.


Grouchy Possessor getting out of one of its suits.
Luigi sucking up the Possessor's first layer of skin.

The spider queen he possesses has four eyes that glow green when the queen is possessed and has a red and purple color scheme.

The Grouchy Possessor looks like a white ghost with a large horn in the middle of his head. He has three layers of skin. The first one is white, which is seen when he makes his first appearance. The second layer is yellow and the third is red. The Dark Moon piece can be seen inside of him.



Confront the Source from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Blobs of venom being sent to Luigi.
Large Spider attacking Luigi.
The possessed large spider attacking Luigi.

During battle, the Grouchy Possessor may attack in several different ways. If Luigi approaches the spider queen, she will attack Luigi with her forelegs. While Luigi is pulling the webbing from the queen's web, she will summon her offspring to attack Luigi. The queen will also spit out venom from its abdomen that travels in a straight line. If Luigi is hit while he is dragging the webbing, he will let go of it and the process needs to be repeated. Each phase change, the queen will attempt to ram into Luigi. The Grouchy Possessor himself must be sucked up three times, one for each layer of skin - each time Luigi overpowers him, he will abandon his outer layer and retreat to his host to resume the battle.

While outside of the spider, the Grouchy Possessor will attack by charging into Luigi. After this attack, the Grouchy Possessor will be temporarily stunned, opening himself for Luigi to stun the Possessor and capture him before he attempts to ram Luigi or return to the spider.


In order to force the Grouchy Possessor out of his spider queen, Luigi must flash the Strobulb at the creature when her eyes are open. The queen will retreat to its web, allowing Luigi to suck up a wad of silk from the web with the Poltergust 5000. Luigi must then drag the ball to a nearby suit of armor holding a torch. The armor will attempt to strike Luigi with its torch, but its long windup allows the heroic plumber to move out of the way and trick the armor into striking the web ball instead. This will ignite the silk and eventually burn the queen's web, knocking her out and forcing the Grouchy Possessor out of its body.

When the Grouchy Possessor is out of his host, Luigi must dodge his charge attack and stun him with the Strobulb before attempting to suck him up. If Luigi is fast enough, however, he can stun the ghost immediately after coming out of the queen's body before he has a chance to ram into him. Since the Possessor has infinite HP, Luigi has to build up the Power Gauge and then use it against the Grouchy Possessor. If Luigi does this successfully, the ghost will lose his outer layer and retreat to the large spider, taking control of it once again.

The Grouchy Possessor forced out of its host.

At the beginning of the second phase, the Grouchy Possessor will repossess the spider queen and ram into Luigi, who must keep to the sides of the walls to avoid being hit. After this attack, the queen will move deeper into the Cellar, breaking down a wall to reveal a second web with a silk ball at the bottom. This time, Luigi must first use the Poltergust 5000's blow function on the chandelier to spin a brown wad of webbing into a torch, which allows it to burn down a web on the right wall that covered a suit of armor with a spear. Luigi must then stun the queen before dragging the wad of webbing to the spear-wielding suit of armor, all while avoiding her attacks. As before, Luigi must provoke the armor to attack before moving the silk ball into its path, allowing the armor to stick the silk on its spear. When the armor returns to its idle position with the silk on its spear, Luigi can spin the chandelier again to set the brown webbing alight and spin it into the ball on the spear, burning the queen's web and forcing the Grouchy Possessor out of her again. Luigi can then repeat his previous strategy against the Possessor to remove his second layer, revealing his red-tinted true form.

The large spider returning to normal.
The spider queen, now freed from her possession at last.

After losing his second layer, the Grouchy Possessor will repossess the spider queen one last time. After repeating her charge attack, the queen will break through another wall and perch in front of a final web, this one with two web balls nearby. Luigi must grab the closer web ball (in front of the large spider) and take it to the first suit of armor with the torch while avoiding her offspring and two falling pillars. Once the ball is ignited (in the same way as the webbing in the first phase), Luigi must return to the back of the room (using the burning web ball to destroy oncoming spiders) and burn the web on the right wall, freeing another suit of armor with a torch.

The rehabilitated Grouchy Possessor playing with the Toad assistants in the ending.

With this done, Luigi can repeat his strategy from the first phase, stunning the queen before dragging the silk ball behind it to the newly-freed suit of armor. After tricking the armor into hitting the silk, the web will burn, knocking the queen out and forcing the Grouchy Possessor into the open once more. Luigi must repeat his previous tactics against the ghost (dodge his charges, stun him with the Strobulb and build up power while trapping him with the Poltergust 5000) to finally capture him and retrieve the Dark Moon piece he held.

After Luigi collects the piece, the spider queen, now free of her possession at last, shrinks down to her former size and panically runs off with her offspring after regaining consciousness, freaking Luigi out momentarily before he can finally celebrate his victory.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウーノス
From "uno" (Italian word for "one")

Dutch Sikkeneurige indringer
Grouchy Intruder
French Mangesprit arachnéen
Arachnidan spirit-eater
German Griesgrammeister
Grouchy master
Italian Possessore brontolone
Grouchy possessor
Portuguese (NOE) Possuidor Rabugento
Grouchy Possessor
Russian Смышлёный вселенец
Smyshlyonyy vselenets
Clever Possessor

Spanish Supraente gruñón
Grumpy Possessor


  • The Grouchy Possessor is the only one of the Possessors to be seen at the end of the game.
    • He is also the only Possessor that actually possesses a living creature (the spider queen).