Tough Possessor

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Tough Possessor
Room ??? (Unknown location within the paranormal portal)

The Tough Possessor is the fifth boss and final Possessor ghost Luigi faces in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. He is fought in an unknown location inside the paranormal portal. The Tough Possessor has the final piece of the Dark Moon.

E. Gadd's Notes[edit]

This ghost was able to possess multiple suits of armor at once. An impressive feat! I was slightly less impressed when he used those suits of armor to try to squish Luigi.


The giant suit of armor.

The Tough Possessor possesses suits of armor seen within the room, notably those resembling the ones previously encountered in the Treacherous Mansion's Ceremonial Chamber. The giant suit of armor simply looks similar to the aforementioned suits, except that an orange glow emanates from its helmet. However, during the battle, only the feet and sword of the suit are shown.

When not possessing the suits, the Tough Possessor is a thin, white and multiskined ghost. This Possessor has five horns; two pairs of horns on either side of his head as well as a pointed horn protruding from the front of his head.


The giant suit of armor attempting to stab Luigi.

Unlike the previous Possessors, the Tough Possessor is able to make clones of himself; up to four clones can be created at one time. While possessing the normal suits of armor, the Tough Possessor can attack Luigi with either an axe or a sword, depending on the weapon the suit of armor is carrying. If the Possessor misses the attack, the weapon will be stuck in the ground and render the Possessor immobile for some time.

When possessing the giant suit of armor, the Tough Possessor can cause rubble to fall from the ceiling. Luigi can dodge this rubble by avoiding the shadows the rubble creates before falling to the ground. The main attack of the Possessor during this phase is trying to crush Luigi with his feet. The Possessor can stomp up to three times in a row and will use the foot that is closest to Luigi. The Possessor can try to stab Luigi by using a downward thrust and he can also drag the sword along the ground to catch Luigi off-guard.

Outside of the suits of armor, the Possessor will try to ram into Luigi. When performing the charge, the Possessor can emit three trails behind him that damages Luigi. After one charge, however, he will be stunned for a moment, but he recovers quickly.

In order to defeat the Possessor, Luigi must force it out of the suits of armor. During the first and second phases, Luigi must lure all the suits of armor that the Possessor is controlling onto the carpets and trip them all at the same time by vacuuming the carpets. If Luigi fails to trip all suits in time, the remaining ones will revive the others and the process must be redone. When fighting the giant suit of armor, Luigi must lure both of the Possessor's feet onto the carpets. When Luigi pulls one of the carpets, the Possessor will be off-balance and Luigi will have to quickly swipe the carpet from under the other foot. This will cause the giant knight to fall out of the arena and break apart, revealing the Possessor, which Luigi must vacuum to obtain the final Dark Moon piece. If Luigi fails to do so the Tough Possessor will regain balance and the player will have to re-lure the foot that was off balance back onto the carpet.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クークエ
From "cinque" (Italian word for "five") and likely「くー」(, an interjection meaning "phew!")
Dutch Koppige indringer Stubborn Intruder
French Mangesprit chevaleresque Knightly spirit-eater
German Trugmeister Mirage Master
Italian Possessore tenace Tough Possessor
Portuguese (NOE) Possuidor Temível Fearsome Possessor
Russian Хитрый вселенец
Khitryy vselenets
Tricky possessor
Spanish Supraente acorazado Armored Possessor