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Not to be confused with Rob-omb.
Three Robombs facing away

A Robomb[1] is an object found in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. First encountered in the Old Clockworks, Robombs activate when Luigi uses the Strobulb on them. Upon activation, they pursue Luigi and then explode, causing 20 HP of damage to Luigi if he is hit. The explosion can also stun any ghosts caught in it. Some Robombs malfunction; this is indicated by a different startup sound, red electric sparks around them, and the way they behave. Malfunctioning Robombs first run into place, then charge into Luigi. Greenies use these objects to hide from the Strobulb flashes. Luigi can also find an occasional Gold Robomb.[2] Gold Robombs act just as malfunctioning bombs, except they run much quicker and explode in contact with furniture. They release 25 bills or five Gold Bars when they are destroyed. In the ScareScraper, they are occasionally released from inspecting furniture or using the Dark-Light Device on paintings.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ロボム[citation needed]
From "robot" and "bomb"


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