The Three Sisters

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The Three Sisters
E. Gadd and the sisters
Full name Sister Lucinda (Melinda), Belinda and Herlinda
Species Ghosts
First appearance Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (2013)
Latest appearance Luigi's Mansion Arcade (2015)

The Three Sisters are a trio of female ghost siblings in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. They consist of Sister Herlinda, a large purple ghost with a large straw hat, Sister Belinda, a thin aqua ghost with a small purple hat, and Sister Lucinda, a small yellow ghost with a pink bow and one hanging-out tooth. The Three Sisters serve as the mini-boss of the Haunted Towers and attack Luigi after rescuing Toad, who had been trapped in a portrait. According to Professor E. Gadd, the Three Sisters are celebrities that are acting violent because of the shattering of the Dark Moon. They love gardening and are also vain, which is why they carry mirrors with them at all times. During the credits, E. Gadd offers the reformed sisters a flower (possibly only for Herlinda or all of them at once), as he mentioned earlier that he would like to have some "ghost tea" with them. The Three Sisters are also the former owners of the Haunted Towers before becoming ghosts; this is shown in the Family Room.

The Three Sisters reappear in Luigi's Mansion Arcade, although they now serve as the bosses of Old Clockworks.


Luigi battling The Three Sisters.

The Three Sisters circle Luigi, holding their mirrors to protect their face from the Strobulb. If Luigi uses the Strobulb while the sisters have their mirrors in front of them, they are unaffected, and they retaliate by hitting him. Occasionally, one of the sisters moves her mirror to taunt Luigi. In order for Luigi to get the sisters to reveal themselves, he must run in circles until one of the sisters moves the mirror out of the way. Luigi must use the Strobulb on the sister to stun her and then suck her up with his Poltergust 5000. The other two sisters, however, attempt to prevent Luigi from vacuuming their sibling by hitting him.

Sister Herlinda has 150 HP, Sister Belinda has 100 HP, and Sister Lucinda has 50 HP.

Ghost Container information[edit]

Sister Lucinda (Melinda in the British English version): The youngest of the fabled Three Sisters. Her hobbies include playing with her mirror and annoying her older sisters by pointing out their many flaws.

Sister Belinda: One of the fabled Three Sisters. According to her sister Herlinda, she's the eldest of three. She is an expert on flowers and plants and loves gardening.

Sister Herlinda: One of the fabled Three Sisters. According to her sister Belinda, she's the eldest of three. Her hobbies include comparing herself to flowers and looking in the mirror.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジーティ
French Lucie
All common names, however Marguerite can be translated as "daisy"
German Schwester Lucinda
Schwester Belinda
Schwester Herlinda
Italian Tre Sorelle
Three Sisters

Common names that rhyme with "-inda"
Korean 루시


Portuguese Matilde
Spanish Hermana Lucinda
Hermana Belinda
Hermana Herlinda
Sister Lucinda
Sister Belinda
Sister Herlinda