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The Shaft segment
Luigi riding a lift.png
Mansion Secret Mine

The Shaft is a room inside of the Secret Mine in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. It is accessed by taking the north door inside of the Smuggler's Hideout. As the name implies, it is just a long shaft that spans between Floor B2 and Floor B3 with a gear-powered lift. Part of the ice walls surrounding the room are cracked, allowing Luigi to see various things going on in the background. Near the bottom, there are some compartments that hold coins and bats. The door on Floor B2 leads back to the Smuggler's Hideout and the door on Floor B3 leads into the Coward's Chasm.

During D-2: Hit Rock Bottom, Luigi needs to use the Shaft to get to Floor B3 where he must investigate the commotion inside of the Crystal Quarry. While the elevator is moving down, he can see a Greenie and two Slammers carrying large, red crystals. These ghosts cannot be stunned with the Strobulb and ignore him. However, there is a Gold Greenie right after the Slammers that can be stunned and captured. The Gold Greenie and the ghosts carrying crystals are not present in any other mission.

Starting on B-2: Hit Rock Bottom and most missions after, before the Shaft reaches Floor B3, there is a long chain hanging down from one of the compartments. If Luigi pulls this chain at the bottom and moves the elevator back up, the compartment is open, revealing a sapphire.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 昇降しょうこうルーム
Shōkō Rūmu
Elevator Room
German Aufzugschacht Elevator shaft
Italian Montacarichi Elevator
Spanish (NOE) Elevador Elevator