Haunted Towers

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Haunted Towers
Greater location Evershade Valley
Inhabitants Greenies, Slammers, Hiders, Sneakers, Creepers, Gobbers, The 3 Sisters, Polterpup, Spirit Balls , Gold Greenies, Harsh Possessor, Flytraps, Orange Flowers
First appearance Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (2013)

Haunted Towers is the second mansion Luigi travels to in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon to find a Dark Moon piece. This mansion, besides being partially destroyed by a giant oak tree growing in the middle, has a greenhouse-like theme, which can be compared to the forest worlds of the mainstream Mario games. The mansion contains six floors and a basement, making it the tallest in the game. Luigi meets a Toad assistant here. The mini-bosses are The Three Sisters, fought in the Old Graveyard, and the main boss is the Harsh Possessor, which possesses a staircase in the Tree House at the top of the mansion.


Haunted Towers was abandoned for some time and was used as a greenhouse prior to its abandonment, but the whole area became infested with plants and started to fall apart. Everything in the mansion runs off a Hydro Generator. The Haunted Towers were owned by The Three Sisters, as three portraits of women can be found in the Family Room, toys for a child in the Rumpus Room, and a Bedroom in the west tower. For unknown reasons, there is a large graveyard behind and under the mansion.

In-game description[edit]

These remarkable towers are built around a colossal tree. The original owners had a liking for gardening and exotic plants, which are now growing out of control!


Mission Image Description
B-1 A Job for a Plumber A Job for a Plumber from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon The towers' machinery isn't active. I'm guessing the ghosts broke it already. We need to get the Hydro Generator running before we can search for the next Dark Moon piece.
B-2 The Pinwheel Gate The Pinwheel Gate from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon With the water flow restored in the Haunted Towers, we can resume our search for the Dark Moon piece. And now I have a better idea of where it might be!
B-3 Graveyard Shift Graveyard Shift from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon It's time to repair that pinwheel lock! Once that's done, you should be able to get inside the Hollow Tree and look for the passageway to the top.
B-4 Pool Party Pool Party from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon The Toad you rescued in the Crypt managed to bring back a snap shot from my tridimensional security camera! Let's take a look at it.
B-5 Doggone Key
That Dog, the Key Hog
Doggone Key from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon A very frisky spectral pooch took the special key that we need! Track the dog down and get that key!
Tree Topping Tree Topping from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon We've finally got our mitts on that elusive special key! Now we've just got to get to the treetop and grab the Dark Moon piece.
Hostile Intrusion Hostile Intrusion from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon We have a small problem. The Parascope found significant paranormal signs in the towers. Nothing you can't manage!




First Floor[edit]

(Ground Floor in PAL version)

Second Floor[edit]

(First floor in PAL version)

Third Floor[edit]

(Second floor in PAL version)

Fourth Floor[edit]

(Third floor in PAL version)

Fifth Floor[edit]

(Fourth floor in PAL version)

Sixth Floor[edit]

(Labeled "?" instead of F6) (Fifth floor in PAL version)



Audio.svg Haunted Towers Music - The song that plays in Haunted Towers.
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Audio.svg Hostile Intrusion Music - The song that plays during Hostile Intrusion.
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ノロワ~レ大樹
norowa~re taiju
From「呪われた」(norowareta, cursed) and「大樹」(taiju, huge tree)
Chinese 詛咒大樹
Zǔzhòu dàshù
Cursed Tree
Dutch Woekertorens Overgrow Towers
French Tours des détours Towers of Detours
German Efeutürme Ivy Towers
Italian Torri tetre Dark Towers
Korean 저주받은 거목
Jeojubadeun Geomok
Cursed Large Tree
Portuguese Torres Assombradas Haunted Towers
Russian Башни Призраков
Bashni Prizrakov
Tower of Ghosts
Spanish Torres Encantadas Haunted Towers


  • This is the only Mansion to have its own personal opening cutscene for each mission.
  • 6F (5F in PAL regions) is seen as ? instead of 5F
  • Located in the Rumpus Room (Play Room in PAL Version) there is a pink doll house. The house appears to be the Haunted Towers, except without the huge tree in between the east and west tower. It is presumably what the building had originally looked like before it was abandoned (implied by the window matching the window of the Rumpus Room it gives the player a view through), indicating that after this happened and became overgrown with plants, the giant tree destroyed the middle tower.
  • If the player positions Luigi under the leaky pipe in the staircase, Luigi will take off his cap and uses it to scrub his in between his arms while whistling a tune, as if he is in a shower.