A Job for a Plumber

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A Job for a Plumber
A Job for a Plumber from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Luigi activating the Hydro Generator
Location Haunted Towers
Mission # 1
Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
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A Job for a Plumber, or B-1, is the first mission of the Haunted Towers in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. This mission is about getting the Hydro Generator to work again.


Luigi gets transported to the Haunted Towers Entrance. He must shine the Strobulb into the rightmost flower to reveal a key to open the gate, granting him access to the Courtyard. Luigi must travel to the right area to access the Hydro Generator. Upon entering the Hydro Generator, Luigi sees a Slammer escape through the ceiling. Luigi should then go to the right part of the room, inspect a treasure chest to get a key, then exit the Hydro Generator and back into the Courtyard. After pulling a leaf from the door at the left area of the Courtyard, Luigi can access the Tower Lobby. There, Luigi should shine the Dark-Light Device toward a wall in front of him, causing a hidden door and Spirit Balls to appear.

A Job for a Plumber from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
The carnivorous plants in the Plant Nursery. Luigi is using the spiked plant in order to defeat them.

Promptly arriving in the Greenhouse, Luigi gets startled by spontaneous mischief caused by Greenies. When Luigi tries to leave for the other exit for the Tower Lobby, the Greenie closes the exit and battles him, this time using shovels as weapons. Luigi then should defeat the three Greenies carrying shovels if he wants to access the other side of the Tower Lobby. Luigi should then enter the Tower Lobby, climb up the stairs, and arrive in the Plant Nursery. There, he finds two carnivorous plants that snap at him. Luigi must defeat them by shooting a spiked plant ball at them. They guard a treasure chest; defeating them grants Luigi access to a key. After exiting the Plant Nursery and entering the Tower Lobby, Luigi must be careful not to step on the carpet trap that can make him fall into the area below him, forcing him to navigate back to the area he was in.

Luigi meets a Gobber.png

When Luigi arrives at the Skybridge, he sees a mass of crows swirling and flying through the bridge. Luigi must avoid getting hit by them; if he gets hit, he slides around from the impact. Passing the Skybridge gives Luigi access to the Laboratories. In the Laboratories, Luigi sucks in several Greenies followed by two Slammers. This brightens the room and grants Luigi access to Bulbs, enabling him to fly in the room. Luigi then should fly all the way up, leaving him in the Lounge. Luigi should use the door, which takes him to the Water Supply. After Luigi climbs up the stairs, he finds a bucket with yellow slime on it. A Greenie suddenly appears and takes the bucket. When Luigi defeats the Greenie, Luigi can use the slime to fill the bucket, thus putting ample weight in it. Luigi should then take the filled bucket to the switch closer machine, so it and Luigi can both activate the switch at the same time. Then, he can use the Strobulb on all lights at once. When Luigi is about to leave for the Bunker, a Gobber stops him. Defeating the Gobber completes this mission.


Mission Goal:
Most of the machinery in the Haunted Towers is powered by water. Check the Hydro Generator, and make sure the water is flowing normally.

  • Check the Hydro Generator.
  • Fix the water pump on the roof.

Boo location[edit]


The towers' machinery isn't active. I'm guessing the ghosts broke it already. We need to get the Hydro Generator running before we can search for the next Dark Moon piece.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 給水システムの復旧じゃ!
Kyūsui shisutemu no fukkyū ja!
Restore the Water Supply System!

Chinese 恢复供水系统! (Simplified)
Huīfù gōngshuǐ xìtǒng!
復原供水系統! (Traditional)
Fùyuán gōngshuǐ xìtǒng!

Restore the Water Supply System!

Restore the Water Supply System!

Dutch Leuke loodgietersklus
Nice Plumber Job
French S.O.S. Plombier
S.O.S. Plumber
German Klempnerwerk
Italian Un lavoro da idraulico
A Job for a Plumber
Portuguese (NOE) Um Trabalho de Canalizador
A Job for a Plumber
Russian Водопровод

Spanish (NOA) Llamen al plomero
Call the Plumber
Spanish (NOE) Trabajo de fontanería
Plumbing Job