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This article is about a mission in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. For Waluigi's Special Shot in Mario Tennis Aces, see Special Shot § Showtime.

Entrance of the Belfry

Location Old Clockworks
Mission # 6
Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Boss(es) Overset Possessor
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Showtime (parsed as Show Time in the British English version) is the boss mission in Old Clockworks from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Here, Luigi fights the Overset Possessor who possesses the belfry clock. Luigi can earn the Dark Moon piece when the Overset Possessor is defeated.


The possessed clock in the boss fight.

This mission starts off with Professor E. Gadd and Luigi inspecting an image the Toad assistant brought back from the preceding mission. It reveals the Overset Possessor, ghosts such as Greenies, Boos carrying a portrait in a sack and King Boo's shadow. After Luigi is done inspecting the picture, E. Gadd pixelizes Luigi to the Clock Tower Gate.

In the Clock Tower Gate, Luigi should inspect a crack on the wall to reveal the numbers necessary to open the Clock Tower Gate: 7:30. Luigi should then insert the rotor and the clock hands on the gate, then turn the rotor to make the time match 7:30. This opens the door to Movements. If Luigi tries to leave the Clock Tower Gate at all, E. Gadd will contact him, demanding him to get to the top. In Movements, Luigi should spin the rotors on the wall to take him up Movements, which then lead him into the Belfry. Luigi should walk through the Belfry and into the ladder, where a springboard flings him into the Belfry Clock. After Luigi has fought the four hordes of ghosts, a clock hand will start to glow red and moves in circles, Luigi has to go to dodge the clock hand glowing by standing in a safe place. This is where the Overset Possessor is fought. In this boss fight, Luigi mostly fights off hordes of ghosts and other enemies at each number:

  • 1: One Greenie.
  • 2: Three Greenies.
  • 3: Five Greenies.
  • 4: Two Slammers.
    • Overset Possessor's first stage.
  • 5: Nine Beetles.
  • 6: Three Sneakers.
  • 7: Three Greenies with mallets and shields.
  • 8: Three Mummies.
    • Overset Possessor's second stage.
  • 9: Fourteen Beetles; burning clock hands.
  • 10: Five Creepers; burning clock hands.
  • 11: Eleven Robombs
  • 12: One Greenie, one Robomb, one Sneaker, five Beetles, one Slammer, one armed Greenie; burning clock hands.
    • Overset Possessor's third stage.


Mission Goal:
Open the Clock Tower Gate, and get to the top of the Clock Tower. Then find and retrieve the Dark Moon piece.

  • Find and retrieve the Dark Moon piece.


We finally have everything we need to reach the top of the Clock Tower! But first, let's check the security image that the Toad brought with him.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 天空時計を目指せ!
Tenkū tokei o mezase!
Spanish La hora de la verdad The Moment of Truth
French Confrontation Confrontation
Dutch Tijd om te spoken Time To Ghost
German Die Stunde der Wahrheit The Moment of Truth
Italian Lo spettacolo finale The Final Spectacle
Portuguese (NOE) Momento Decisivo Decisive Moment
Russian И пробил час!
I probil chas!
Chinese 目标是天空时钟! (Simplified)
Mùbiāo shì tiān kòng shízhōng!
目標就是天空時鐘! (Traditional)
Mùbiāo jiùshì tiān kòng shízhōng!