Confront the Source

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Confront the Source
Confront the Source from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Luigi trying to burn the web
Location Gloomy Manor
Mission # 6
Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Boss(es) Grouchy Possessor
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Confront the Source is the boss mission of the Gloomy Manor from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. In this mission, Luigi fights the Grouchy Possessor, who possesses a large spider.


Grouchy Possessor getting out of one of its suits.
Luigi sucking up the Grouchy Possessor.

Unlike all other missions, Luigi starts in the Lobby instead of the Entrance. In this room, he should investigate the elevator with the key, which makes him fall into the Cellar. If Luigi tries to escape the Lobby, E. Gadd will contact him, demanding that he has to get to the Cellar. When Luigi arrives in the Cellar, he should go down the stairs, which suddenly retract into the floor and cause him to slide to the bottom. Luigi should then attempt to vacuum the web in front of him, disturbing the large spider on it and starting the boss fight.

Luigi has to make use of nearby fires, attacking suits of armor, and webs to reveal the Grouchy Possessor; once the Grouchy Possessor has been shocked three times, it is defeated and the mission is cleared.


Mission Goal:
Take the elevator to the bottom level, and then investigate the Cellar and find the origin of the strong paranormal signal.

  • Confront the source of the powerful energy.


This paranormal reading is off the charts! I don't know what's down in that Cellar, but it's not happy. Why don't you...uh...investigate?

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 地下室の調査!
Chikashitsu no chōsa!
Investigation of the Cellar!
Chinese 调查地下室! (Simplified)
Diàochá dìxiàshì!
調查地下室! (Traditional)
Diàochá dìxiàshì!
Investigate the Cellar!
Dutch Bevecht de bron Fighting the Source
French L'antre de la bête The Lair of the Beast
German Die Wurzel des Übels
Italian Scontro all'origine Confront the Origin
Portuguese (NOE) Confrontar a Origem Confront the Origin
Russian Встреча с хозяином
Vstrecha s khozyainom
Meeting with the Owner
Spanish Enfréntate al origen Confront the Origin


  • The music that plays in the elevator is a cover-version of the pause screen music from Mario Strikers Charged.