A Train to Catch

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A Train to Catch
The Poltergeist stealing the book in the mission A Train to Catch.
The Strong Poltergeist scaring Luigi
Location Treacherous Mansion
Mission # 3
Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Boss(es) Strong Poltergeist
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A Train to Catch, or E-3, is the third mission of the Treacherous Mansion in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. This mission fully reveals that Mario is kidnapped, and King Boo is the mastermind behind everything. The Strong Poltergeist is fought in this mission.


The Strong Poltergeist with the book, hiding out in the Space Exhibit.

In the opening cutscene in the Bunker, Professor E. Gadd informs Luigi he has repaired the image brought back from the Treacherous Mansion, and it is a very recent photo. As soon as he tells Luigi this, they look at the image that was taken, and see the sack with the mysterious painting the Boos had been carrying around, only to discover that Mario has once again been trapped inside a painting. After noting that they are in the Train Exhibit, they notice a very unusual Boo. Suddenly, the Boo turns around and gets right in the camera, laughing maniacally, revealing himself to be King Boo, and he causes the picture to disappear into static. The duo realize that it was King Boo who had been "pulling the strings the whole time", and, after a quick inspection on the Parascope, they find that large paranormal readings are emanating from the Train Exhibit. Finally, after giving Luigi a makeshift rotor for the stairwell in the Inner Courtyard and a thought that his brother needs him, E. Gadd sends Luigi to the mansion.

Upon arrival at the Inner Courtyard, Luigi can attach the rotor to the statue, allowing access to the second floor. Once up there, Luigi will have to enter the Train Exhibit via the Study. After revealing a book on a table with the Dark-Light Device, Luigi can take it and put it in the slot in the bookcase. However, a yellow hand pushes the book out, and after looking through the hole, a Strong Poltergeist scares Luigi, steals the book, and leaves.

After a quick search with the Parascope, E. Gadd informs Luigi that he cannot specify where the ghost is, only that it is on the west side of the mansion. Before this, Luigi should head for the Nautical Exhibit and clear the ghosts in that room, activate the E-Gate, and spin the wheel so the E-Gate points into the Study.

On the west side of the mansion, Luigi can reveal a hidden door leading to the Space Exhibit. After activating the E-Gate in the exhibit, Luigi can look through the telescope to see the Strong Poltergeist on a planet with an asteroid belt surrounding it. When Luigi looks up from the telescope, he will have been transported to the planet, and the battle with the Strong Poltergeist begins. After beating the paranormal baddie, Luigi will be transported back to the Space Exhibit, where he can take the recovered book back through the E-Gate and place it on the bookshelf. After doing so, the shelf disappears into the floor, and Luigi can enter the Train Exhibit. After entering and defeating the ghosts in the exhibit, Luigi can look in the miniature Train Model and see the painting, with tiny Boos around. After a Boo surprises him, E. Gadd calls Luigi and pixelates him back to the Bunker. Once there, E. Gadd reassures Luigi that they will get Mario back. He then says how he noticed a tiny camera he could potentially pixelate Luigi to where he could rescue his brother.


Mission Goal:
Use the makeshift rotor to activate the stairwell in the Inner Courtyard. Then rush to the Train Exhibit and rescue Mario.

  • Activate the stairwell in the Inner Courtyard.
  • Get to the Train Exhibit and look for Mario!
  • Find the Poltergeist and the book he took! / Find the Boffin and reclaim the book.

Boo location[edit]

With a Bulb from the Study, take it through the E-Gates to the Dark Age Exhibit, float to the top, grab a Gold Bulb and collect all the coins to make a treasure chest appear. The Boo is inside.


The Toad curators brought a security camera image back with them. Maybe it'll give us some clues about the next Dark Moon piece.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 汽車に遅れるな~!
Kisha ni okureru na!
Don't fall behind the train!
Chinese 别错过火车~! (Simplified)
Bié cuòguò huǒchē!
別錯過火車了~! (Traditional)
Bié cuòguò huǒchēle!
Don't miss the train!
Dutch Tussenstation Intermediate-Station
French Un train à prendre A Train To Take
German Wo ist mein Zug? Where Is My Train?
Italian Treno in partenza Train Departing
Portuguese (NOE) Apanhar o Comboio Catch the Train
Russian Постой, паровоз
Postoy, parovoz
Stay here, train
Spanish Viajeros al tren Travelers to the Train


  • After completing this mission, all of Luigi's yells will change into variations of "Mario" permanently.