Underground Expedition

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Underground Expedition
Underground Expedition from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Luigi with a mummy behind him
Location Old Clockworks
Mission # 2
Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
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Underground Expedition (Underground Trek in the British English version), or C-2, is the second mission in the Old Clockworks from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. This mission is about traversing underground to retrieve the clock hands.


In this mission, Luigi gets pixelized to the Clockworks Court. Professor E. Gadd marks a spot in the map where Luigi should go. Luigi should make his way to the X on the map. He first should open the gate using the Strobulb, then turn right and down until he arrives at the spot. If Luigi goes into the Old Clockworks and tries to enter another room, he is contacted by E. Gadd, demanding him to go insert the special compass in place. Luigi then inserts the special compass into a piece protruding out of the ground. This opens up a door, which then sends Luigi plummeting into the Storm Cellar.

Underground Expedition from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Luigi after he pulls the mine cart to the area where sand is dropping.

Luigi, when he explores the left area, encounters two Greenies. To brighten up the room, Luigi must first defeat these Greenies. To open the gate, Luigi must pick up a rock and place it on a mechanism near where Luigi enters the room. This allows him to enter the Canyon Hall. In the Canyon Hall, Luigi must make a left until he can go up. Then, he should pull down a wall curtain to reveal a path around the obstruction, the Canyon Narrows. There is a ravine in the Canyon Narrows; Luigi must use the hanging cords to traverse across the ravine twice to go back to the Canyon Hall. Before Luigi can access the Roundhouse Pit, however, a Sneaker stops him. Luigi should then suck up the Sneaker to go to the Roundhouse Pit.

In the Roundhouse Pit, Luigi must tug the cord hanging from the wall several times to break it. This opens up the door to the Pit Slide. After Luigi slides down the Pit Slide, he can go into the Quarry. Luigi must traverse down the Quarry, where he sees a mine cart. Luigi should pull on the minecart into where the sand is falling into. This causes a Greenie to appear, with several others that attempt to hurt Luigi while the sand rises to the upper area of the Quarry. After Luigi defeats all Greenies, three Sneakers appear. The room brightens up after Luigi defeats the Sneakers. When the sand level is at its highest, Luigi can then enter the Antechamber.

Reveal of the Ancient Poltergeist.

Luigi encounters large spider webs blocking his path in the Antechamber. Luigi must first find a spider web ball, then burn it using the torches. The burning spider web ball can then burn the large spider webs. Luigi should then make his way into the Tomb. The clock hands are found inside the coffin in the tomb, but when Luigi tries to get them, an Ancient Poltergeist makes away with them. Three Greenies dressed as mummies fight Luigi. The mission is complete after Luigi defeats the Greenies.


Mission Goal:
Explore the underground section of the Old Clockworks, and retrieve the clock hands taken by the ghosts.

  • Find your way underground.
  • Look for the missing clock hands.

Boo location[edit]

  • A hidden space between two ledges in the upper area of the Quarry.


The special compass revealed another path to the underground! Let's hope those ghosts didn't hide the clock hands too well.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 地下の調査じゃ!
Chika no chōsa ja!
Investigation of the Underground!
Chinese 调查地下! (Simplified)
Diàochá dìxià!
地下調查! (Traditional)
Dìxià diàochá!
Investigate the underground!
Dutch Ondergrondse tocht Underground Tour
French Expédition souterraine Underground Expedition
German Luigi unter Tage Luigi Underground
Italian Spedizione sotterranea Underground Expedition
Portuguese (NOE) Expedição Subterrânea Underground Expedition
Russian Археология
Spanish Expedición subterránea Underground Expedition


  • This is the only non boss/bonus mission to have a different light room theme than the rest of the missions in the same mansion.