Severe Infestation

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Severe Infestation
Severe Infestation from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.
Luigi running from numerous Greenies
Location Secret Mine
Mission # 5
Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
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Severe Infestation is the bonus mission in the Secret Mine from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. It is unlocked after Luigi clears the mansion's boss mission, and captures three Boos from previous missions.


Like the other bonus missions, Luigi has to capture ghosts as quickly as possible. The order of the rooms and the variety and quantity of ghosts vary each time Luigi plays this mission. The mission is complete once Luigi clears six rooms.


Mission Goal:
Ghosts are back in the Secret Mine. Find and capture all the ghosts as fast as you can!


We have an infestation on our hands! The Parascope is detecting strong paranormal signals all throughout the Secret Mine. It's go time, Luigi!


When clearing the Secret Mine of ghosts, what E. Gadd says to Luigi at the end of the mission differs depending how quickly Luigi completes it:

"All right, Luigi. You got 'em all. I could have done it a bit quicker myself, but at least you got the job done. Besides, I'm too old for this ghost-catching tomfoolery. Anyhoo, let's bring you back." (Time over 6 minutes)

"Whoa there, Luigi! You're one lean, green, ghost-catching machine! Nice work. Sit tight and I'll bring you back." (Time under 6 minutes)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese またかね?オバケ大集合~!
Mata ka ne? Obake dai shūgō!
Again? Great Gathering of Ghosts!
Chinese 又来了?鬼怪大聚集~! (Simplified)
Yòu láile? Guǐguài dà jùjí!
又來了?鬼怪大集合~! (Traditional)
Yòu láile? Guǐguài dà jíhé!
Came Again? Great Gathering of Ghosts!
Dutch Onaangename spokenplaag Unpleasant Ghost-Plague
French Guerre des esprits Spirit War
German Operation Spukweg Operation Spook-Away
Italian Grave infestazione Grave Infestation
Portuguese (NOE) Praga Descontrolada Plague Out of Control
Russian Аномальный набег
Anomal'nyy nabeg
Anomalous Raid
Spanish Una plaga tremenda A Tremendous Plague