Gear Up

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Gear Up
Gear Up from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
The four Slammers sharing the stolen gears
Location Gloomy Manor
Mission # 2
Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
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Gear Up, or A-2, is the second mission in the Gloomy Manor from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. This mission is mostly about collecting four gears stolen by ghosts to activate the mechanism in the Foyer.


The Greenie that has the key.

Luigi should go to the Foyer. When Luigi arrives in the Foyer, Slammers have already dismantled the gears in the machine, rendering the mechanism useless. When Luigi tries to access the Common Hall, where the ghosts had hid the gears, a Greenie locks the door, carries a key, and escapes into the Entrance. Luigi should pursue the ghost to the Entrance, and if he captures the Greenie, he obtains the key needed to access the Common Hall.

In the Common Hall, the first room of choice is the Lab since the door to the Studio is blocked. When Luigi is in the Lab, he should vacuum the blackboard, which promptly flips and reveals a Greenie. Luigi then fights two Greenies and a Slammer. After vacuuming them up, they drop a gear. Next to the lab is a hidden room called the Secret Pocket. In order to access this room, Luigi needs to vacuum wallpaper to reveal a hidden door. In the Secret Pocket contains coins and a key.

Luigi on a bed.

When Luigi goes back to the Foyer and tries accessing the second floor via stairs, the room suddenly turns dark, and the stairs slide Luigi back to the first floor. A Hider appears; Luigi cannot access the second floor until he defeats the Hider. On the second floor is a locked door; Luigi needs the key he obtained from the Secret Pocket in order to access the Master Hall. Luigi should first access the Parlor, in which he finds a phonograph. Playing the phonograph with the Poltergust 5000 reveals two Greenies and a Slammer, who comes after the Greenies are defeated. Defeating the ghosts reveals another gear.

Luigi should then go to the other room in the Master Hall: the Bedroom. In this room, Luigi should pull a cord to reveal a bed. Inspecting the bed causes Luigi to get thrown into the Study. If Luigi try to use the door, it will slam him against a wall. When Luigi tries to acquire the gear in the Study, a Greenie shuts it. In this room, there are four Greenies and a Slammer that appears after the four Greenies are defeated; defeating this Slammer lightens up the room and makes the gear available for Luigi. To get out of this room, Luigi must vacuum up a carpet and reveal a switch underneath. This switch deactivates the fireplace; Luigi inspecting the fireplace leads him to the Studio.

In the Studio, there are two Hiders. Defeating the two Hiders reveals a Slammer. When the Slammer gets defeated, it drops the last gear. Luigi should then pick up the last gear, suck up the dirt pile that is causing the door to be blocked, and head back to the Foyer. Luigi cannot get the mechanism to work due to the ghosts altering the size of it; Luigi needs to go back to the Bunker so Professor E. Gadd can repair it.


Mission Goals:
Activate the mechanism in the Foyer to access the north rooms of the Gloomy Manor.

Pesky ghosts have stolen the gears to the mechanism in the Foyer! Search the west wing of the Gloomy Manor, and recover all four gears.

  • Activate the mechanism in the Foyer.
  • Recover all four stolen gears.
    • Recover a gear in the Lab.
    • Recover a gear in the Parlor.
    • Recover a gear in the Study.
    • Recover a gear in the Studio.

Boo location[edit]

  • In the Mudroom where a side table was.
    • This Boo cannot be captured the first time this mission is played, and can only be captured if this mission is replayed after clearing A-4 where the Dark-Light Device is obtained.


Now that you're properly equipped, let's find those Dark Moon pieces! Paranormal readings are stronger in the north rooms of the Gloomy Manor, so we should start out search there.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 屋敷の奥へ進め!
Yashiki no oku e susume!
Chinese 向宅邸深处前进! (Simplified)
Xiàng zhái dǐ shēn chù qiánjìn!
前往宅邸深處! (Traditional)
Qiánwǎng zhái dǐ shēn chù!
Dutch Tandwielen gezocht! Gears wanted!
French Dans le vif du sujet
German Zahnräder-Jagd Gear-Hunt
Italian Strumenti del mestiere Tools of the job
Portuguese (NOE) Aquecimento Warm-up
Russian Механизм
Spanish Engranajes clave Key Gears