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Slammer LMDM artwork.jpg
First appearance Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (2013)
Latest appearance Luigi's Mansion Arcade (2015)
Variant of Ghost
Notable members

Slammers are ghosts appearing in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. They are quite large and resemble Blue Twirlers. Slammers appear usually mixed in groups of Greenies, but they are also seen in groups of two to three. Slammers are slow-moving ghosts. They are first encountered in Gloomy Manor in the mission Gear Up. Slammers have 30 HP. Although they are sometimes allied with Greenies, they also seem to have some degree of violence toward each other, seen when a Slammer tried to chew on a Greenie just before being calmed by the reformed Dark Moon.

At the end of the game, like all of the other ghosts, they regain sanity and become friendly again as a result of the Dark Moon's restoration.

Unlike other ghosts, Slammers (and other variants) have only a single sound effect when viewed in the Vault.

A Slammer also appears as a part of a trophy, alongside a Greenie, Gobber, and Hider, in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. The trophy can be unlocked at random.


Slammers are equal to Blue Twirlers when it comes to abilities. Slammers have the ability to create a shockwave in front of them by clapping their hands together. They are also able to pull objects such as gears right through walls. As seen in the Old Clockworks, they are able to travel underneath sand without revealing their body.

Ghost Container description[edit]

  • NTSC: They might look like ruthless brutes, but these tender fellers have a heart of gold under normal circumstances. Just don't let them give you a round of applause!
  • PAL: They might look like ruthless brutes, but these ghosts usually have a heart of gold. Right now, though, they ARE ruthless brutes, so watch out for shockwaves when they clap!


Dark Moon Quest[edit]



Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon website[edit]

"Watch out! These heavy hitting brutes are so rough and tough that when they clap their hands, it creates a crushing energy wave."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ルブリー
From「ルノーマ」(Runōma, Greenie) and "bully"

Chinese 嚕悍悍
Lǔ Hànhàn
Japanese name + repetition of「悍」(hàn, ferocious)

Dutch Bullebak
French Grobras
Pun of "gros bras" (meaning "a strong man")
German Hauer
Agentive form of "hauen" (to slash)
Italian Spaccone
Braggart, lit. "Someone who breaks [stuff]"; same as Bravado
Korean 슬래머

Portuguese Batedor
Russian Драчун

Spanish Atrontón
From "atronar" (to deafen) and "tontón" (very stupid)