Ancient Poltergeist

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Ancient Poltergeist
The Ancient Poltergeist.png
Mansion Old Clockworks
Room Roundhouse
HP 100

The Ancient Poltergeist (known as Boffin Elder in British English versions) is a mini-boss Luigi fights in the Old Clockworks in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. After exploring the Tomb, Luigi finds the minute hand for the clock in the Clock Tower Gate, only to have it being taken away by the Ancient Poltergeist. After defeating him in the next mission, Luigi gets the minute hand back. Before being pixelated to the Old Clockworks in Mission C-3, Professor E. Gadd mentions that ghosts tend to gain power over time, and that this is the reason the Ancient Poltergeist has his name.

The Ancient Poltergeist looks like a normal Poltergeist except he has a cobalt blue body and a cyan brain. He can be seen noisily practicing his telekinesis in the Roundhouse in the time before Luigi is able to reach him for the battle.


The Ancient Poltergeist has similar attacks to a normal Poltergeist. He can use his telekinetic powers to launch bricks at Luigi before or while being captured. The Ancient Poltergeist can create a dust devil in the middle of the arena, by hiding in the turntable, which sucks Luigi towards it. His other attack is to rotate the central platform of the arena to scatter exploding bombs from the surrounding boxes around the area. The Ancient Poltergeist will also summon Sneakers to prevent Luigi from capturing him.

Ghost Container Description[edit]

"This Ancient Poltergeist was hiding one of the clock hands from the Clock Tower Gate. Over the years he has learned to control not just air, but sand as well!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アンルポルタ
Possibly from "ancient" and「ルポルタ」(Ruporuta, Poltergeist)

Dutch Oeroude Klopgeest
Ancient Poltergeist
French Cérébrus Antique
Old Poltergeist
German Uralter Poltergeist
Ancient Poltergeist
Italian Poltergeist Antico
Ancient Poltergeist
Spanish Cerebropio Arcaico
Archaic Poltergeist


  • The Ancient Poltergeist is the only boss ghost to not have a fight theme, and instead uses the normal dark room theme.