Statue Armour Ghost

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Luigi battling suits of armor possessed by the Tough Possessor

Statue Armour Ghosts[1] are suits of armor possessed by ghosts in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, therefore gaining abilities that ordinary ghosts do not have.

Greenies using statue armours are only fought and seen in Front-Door Key. Luigi encounters them in the Ceremonial Chamber, having to beat a pair of them to get through. In Stop the Knightmare, five suits of armor and a giant one are possessed by the Tough Possessor.

To attack Luigi, the Statue Armour Ghosts charge at him fairly fast, then attack with their weapon, dealing 20 damage if successful. However, if they do not hit Luigi, the ghost will have to pull the weapon out of the ground, taking time to do so, this is when Luigi can release the ghost controlling the suit, by using his Poltergust 5000's Power Surge on the carpet it is standing on, making the suit fall and reducing it to shambles, releasing the ghost. The fight after that is just sucking it up.


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