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Hider LMDM.jpg
First appearance Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (2013)
Latest appearance Luigi's Mansion Arcade (2015)
Strong Hider

Hiders are ghosts appearing in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Per their name, these ghosts tend to hide in furniture or other objects, and flee to another spot if found. Hiders appear in groups of at least two, and always attack alongside other ghosts. They have 15 HP, but they have high speed.

Ghosts referred to as Goopers, which resemble Hiders appear in Luigi's Mansion 3.


Hiders throw objects at Luigi while hiding inside furniture or objects, doing 10 damage. They will move to new hiding places periodically, especially if their current spot is revealed. Sometimes, they throw banana peels to make Luigi slip. Luigi has to be quick in capturing them, due to their speed.

Ghost Container description[edit]

These clever fellows love playing hide-and-seek. A bit impatient, though, so if you take too long to find them, they'll start throwing things at you! Stay on your toes!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ルハイド
Spanish Furtifino From furtivo (stealthy) and fino (fine)
French Cache-Cacheur To word Cache-Cache in french
Dutch Verstopper Hider
German Versteckler Hider
Italian Occultino from Occulto (Hidden); -ino is a diminutive suffix
Portuguese Furtivo Stealthy
Russian Пряточник
Korean 가릭
Possibly from 가리다 garida, meaning "to cover".
Chinese 嚕躲躲
Lu Duoduo
Hidden Ghost


  • Hiders are the only normal ghosts that don't have ScareScraper boss versions of themselves, though normal versions are encountered there.
  • A Hider was the reason Professor Elvin Gadd spilled his coffee on Gooigi, which caused him to turn green and stabilize into a goop form, which E. Gadd calls "Goo."