Secret Mine

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Secret Mine
Secret Mine.png
Greater location Evershade Valley
Inhabitants Greenies, Slammers, Hiders, Sneakers, Gold Greenies, Spirit Balls, Strong Greenies, Strong Slammers, Strong Sneakers, Strong Gobber, Shrewd Possessor, Fuzzballs
First appearance Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (2013)

The Secret Mine is the fourth mansion that Luigi goes to in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. This is the shortest mansion mission-wise, with 3 missions instead of the usual 5, a boss mission and a bonus mission after capturing the Boos in the area.

This mansion is located on a snowy mountain, which causes the mansion to be frozen over, inside and out. Also, as the name implies, the mansion was built near a now abandoned mining area, which Luigi explores. Professor E. Gadd sends Luigi to the Chalet where a group of Toads were studying the ghosts. When Luigi finds a Blue Toad he does a little dance causing the ice under their feet to break and they drop into a cave. The Chalet is built just above an abandoned mine that Luigi needs to explore. Aside from the ghosts, this is also home to a few Fuzzballs that follow Luigi, but do not actually hurt him.


The mine near the Chalet was originally a secret mining project run by an unnamed company. It is unknown why the mines were abandoned but years of neglect have caused it to become flooded with snow and ice. The mine contains crystals with special properties. One of the properties of the crystals is that they strengthen ghosts that go inside the crystals for a certain amount of time. The Boos collect a large amount of crystals and take them elsewhere. At the bottom of the mine Luigi encounters several Boos where they strengthen up normal ghosts, causing them to become more powerful and gain white crystal markings all over the body.

In-game description[edit]

Some determined geologists started a mining operation in these snowcapped mountains. But when the ghosts started moving in, they got scared and abandoned it!

Some determined geologists set up a mining operation in these snow-capped mountains, but they got scared and abandoned it after the ghosts moved in! (PAL version)


Mission Image Description
D-1 Cold Case Cold Case from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon I can’t seem to get a hold of my Toad assistant at the Chalet. He’s probably napping in front of the fireplace again. It’s hard to find good help these days!
D-2 Hit Rock Bottom Hit Rock Bottom from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. According to the Toad assistant, ghosts—Boos especially—have been very active in the mine. Perhaps the security photo will tell us what they’re up to.
D-3 Across the Chasm D-3: Across the Chasm from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Success! The Parascope has located both the Dark Moon piece and the possessor that has it. But you’ll have to cross the chasm and reach the other side to find them!
Boss Chilly Ride Chilly Ride from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Bingo! I’ve found the possessor ghost hiding in the Workshop! And if we’ve learned anything, it’s that where there are possessors, there are Dark Moon pieces!
Bonus Severe Infestation Severe Infestation from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. We have an infestation on our hands! The Parascope is detecting strong paranormal signals throughout the Secret Mine. It’s go time, Luigi!




First Floor[edit]

(Ground Floor in PAL version)

Basement 1[edit]

Basement 2[edit]

Basement 3[edit]



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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヒャッキ~ヤ坑道
Hyakki~ya Kōdō
Pun of「百鬼夜行」(Hyakki Yagyō) and「坑道」(kōdō, tunnel)
Chinese 百鬼夜行坑道
Bǎiguǐ Yèxíng Kēngdào
Hundred-Demon-Night Tunnel
Dutch IJzige Mijn Icy Mine
French Mine des mystères Mystery Mine
German Schneebergwerk Snow Mine
Italian Miniera Segreta Secret Mine
Korean 비밀의 갱도
Bimil-ui Gaengdo
Secret Mine Shaft
Portuguese Mina Secreta Secret Mine
Russian Секретная Шахта
Sekretnaya Shahta
Secret Mine
Spanish Mina Secreta Secret Mine


  • King Boo can be seen in the Ice Lake during the first mission, and then near the Workshop in the third mission.
  • This is the only mansion that the Polterpup cannot be found at.