Doggone Key

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Doggone Key
Doggone Key from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Luigi inspecting the Polterpup's way
Location Haunted Towers
Mission # 5
Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
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Doggone Key (That Dog, the Key Hog in the British English version), or B-5, is the fifth mission in the Haunted Towers from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. This mission is mainly focused on tracking and catching the Polterpup that stole the special key.


When Luigi enters the Courtyard, he finds the Polterpup that stole the key. The Polterpup eats the key, then escapes to the Tool Shed. In order to track the dog, Luigi must shine the Dark-Light Device so that he can see the footprints of it. The Polterpup is hiding in the drawers of the Tool Shed; when Luigi inspects it, the Polterpup flies out, licks Luigi, and escapes to the Garden. As Luigi finds the Polterpup in the Garden, the Polterpup activates the lawn mower and escapes back, into the Toolshed Stairs. On attempting to leave the Garden, three Sneakers block his access back to the Tool Shed. Only after defeating these Sneakers can Luigi access the Tool Shed.

In the Tool Shed, Luigi must activate the fountain to access the Toolshed Stairs. Here, the Polterpup goes up the stairs. Luigi has to defeat the Creeper at the foot of the stairs to proceed. The Polterpup then escapes upward; Luigi has to use the plant in the Botany Lab to go upstairs. At the upper area of the Toolshed Stairs, the Polterpup goes back through the Seedling Laboratory and up to the Conservatory. In the Conservatory, Luigi has to use the Dark-Light Device where the organ was to reveal Spirit Balls; sucking up the Spirit Balls reveals the organ. Playing the organ releases the Polterpup. The Polterpup goes to the back of the organ. A Creeper blocks the passage of the organ; after Luigi defeats the Creeper and confronts the Polterpup, the Polterpup escapes to the Crow's Nest. When Luigi is about to access the door, however, three Greenies and a Gobber block his entry. Defeating them grants Luigi access to the Crow's Nest.

The Polterpup is not found in the Crow's Nest; rather it is found in the West Bathroom, where Luigi must pass the Crow's Nest and the West Hall to access. The Polterpup escapes and hides in the bathtub; inspecting the bathtub causes the Polterpup to flee to the West Bedroom. Luigi has to go through the West Hall to go to the West Bedroom. In the West Hall, three small Creepers block his progress. Luigi has to defeat them all to access the West Bedroom. In the West Bedroom, a Creeper drops from the ceiling. Luigi should defeat it to get to the Polterpup. Luigi can find the Polterpup underneath one of the blankets in the bed. The Polterpup comes out, licks Luigi, and is ready to be captured. Capturing the ghost ends this mission.



Mission Goal:
Use the Dark-Light Device to find the trail of paw prints that the ghostly dog left behind. Once you find the dog, recover the special key.

  • Find the ghostly dog.
  • Recover the special key.

Boo location[edit]

  • In the Tool Shed, where Luigi must use the Dark-Light Device on all hidden objects of the room.


A very frisky spectral pooch took the special key that we need! Track the dog down and get that key!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カギを取りもどせぇ~!
Kagi o tori modose ~e ~!
Get the key back!
Chinese 夺回钥匙~! (Simplified)
Duóhuí yàoshi!
取回鑰匙~! (Traditional)
Qǔ huí yàoshi!
Dutch Brutale blaffer Brutal Barker
French La clé du mystère The Key to the Mystery
German Spitz, reiß aus
Italian Chiave, dove sei? Key, Where Are You?
Portuguese (NOE) O Cão e a Chave The Dog and the Key
Russian Бандит с ключом
Bandit s klyuchom
The Bandit with a Key
Spanish La llave misteriosa The Mysterious Key