Sticky Situation (mission)

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Sticky Situation
Luigi burning a web.png
Sticky Situation from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Both images shows Luigi burning webs

Location Gloomy Manor
Mission # 5
Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
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Sticky Situation, or A-5, is the fifth mission of the Gloomy Manor in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. This mission is mainly about cleaning up a random number of spiderwebs and is a foreshadowing to the boss of the Gloomy Manor.


The total amount and locations of the webs are randomly generated each time the mission is played, but there are several notable, static locations. In the Common Hall, Luigi finds a web ball; he has to burn this using candles in the hallway. Burning the ball allows Luigi to burn larger webs that the Poltergust 5000 cannot suck in.

In the Balcony (which Luigi first accesses by using the Dark-Light Device on the door and sucking up the Spirit Balls), Luigi must light up a stove. Then, he should suck in a dangling web in order to set fire to it and the large spider web. When Luigi progresses, he finds a web ball; Luigi must bring that ball to the stove and burn large spider webs around the right area.

Sticky Situation from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
In the Master Hall, after the web cord has been lit, a web ball falls, which enables Luigi to burn the larger webs in the background.

In the Library, Luigi must first vacuum all the spider webs on the first floor. Then, on the second floor, he has to access the Library via the Dining Room. There, he can shine the Dark-Light Device on a fire painting. This lets the fire out, and it enables Luigi to set fire to a web ball. This burning web ball lets him burn large webs in this room.

In the Master Hall, Luigi should tilt a painting so that candles fall to the ground and burn a nearby web. This provides a reachable, fire spot for Luigi to drag the web cord or web balls into. Burning the web cord enables Luigi to suck in a web ball. This web ball provides fire for the large spider webs Luigi's Poltergust 5000 cannot suck.

In the Bedroom, there is a dangling web cord. Luigi has to operate the stove first, but the web cord cannot reach the stove by using the Poltergust 5000. Rather, Luigi has to use the ceiling fan to draw the web cord into the flames from the stove to burn it and any large webs in the room.

To access the Rafters, Luigi has to pull a cord in the Master Hall, after the webs have been cleared. He should then proceed sucking up all the spider webs in this area. To walk across the plank, the player has to use the gyroscope function of the 3DS to not let Luigi fall. After Luigi walks across the plank, he has to shine the Dark-Light Device on the fire portrait in order to make a fire appear; this fire can burn the nearby web cord and let it burn the web adjacent to it. The last area where the web is always there, is where a painting and a web cord are there. Luigi must suck up a picture of cheese to reveal another fire portrait to shine with the Dark-Light Device. Luigi then has to pull the web into the fire and let it loose to burn the last web.

A Greenie, Hider and Slammer can be found in one of the three random rooms, but they are not required to be defeated in order to progress in the mission.


Mission Goal:
Spiders have infested the Gloomy Manor and filled it full of webs. Destroy every last web with the Poltergust 5000!

  • Clean up all the webs.
    • (all other locations are randomized)
    • Guard Hall
    • Common Hall
    • Master Hall
    • Library
    • Balcony
    • Bedroom
    • Rafters

Boo location[edit]

  • In the Library where the grand piano was.


Clean up those darn spiderwebs! They're blocking our progress AND they ruin the furniture AND they're just plain gross!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese くもの巣掃除じゃ!
Kumonosu sōji ja!
Spiderweb Cleaning!

Chinese (simplified) 蜘蛛网大扫除!
Zhīzhū wǎng dàsǎochú!
Clean up the spider webs!

Chinese (traditional) 清除蜘蛛網!
Qīngchú zhīzhū wǎng!
Clear the spider webs!

Dutch Spinnenschoonmaak
French Poussière et toiles
Dust and Webs
German Mitternachtsputz
Midnight cleaning
Italian Bando alle ragnatele
Banish the spiderwebs
Portuguese (NOE) Situação Pegajosa
Sticky Situation
Russian Липкое дело
Lipkoye delo
Sticky Case

Spanish Situación enmarañada
Tangled Situation


  • This is the only mission that has a different theme instead of the mansion's normal theme.