Graveyard Shift

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Graveyard Shift
Graveyard Shift from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Luigi inspecting the cemetery
Location Haunted Towers
Mission # 3
Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Boss(es) The Three Sisters
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Graveyard Shift, or B-3, is the third mission in the Haunted Towers from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. It is where the Three Sisters are fought. This is the first mission where Luigi rescues a Toad assistant.


Once Luigi travels to the Haunted Towers Entrance, he finds a Flytrap blocking the gate. To defeat the plant, Luigi should first pull a red plant obscuring the water dropping from the pipe. Next, Luigi should fill the bucket with water and water one of the plants nearby. One of the plants grows into a spiky plant ball, in which Luigi can suck up, aim at the Flytrap, and defeat it by shooting the ball at it. When Luigi is able to enter the gate and into the Courtyard, he sees a Greenie and a Slammer tinkering with the remaining pinwheel vane. As Luigi confronts the Slammer, two more Slammers reveal their hiding spot, and all of the Slammers attack Luigi. After Luigi defeats the Slammer, a Greenie appears; defeating this Greenie allows Luigi to fix the pinwheel, and blowing on to the pinwheel grants Luigi access to the Hollow Tree.

Inside the Hollow Tree, Luigi has to climb stairs. On the way, Luigi has a chance of encountering one or two Greenies and/or a Slammer that impedes his progress by malfunctioning the stairs. Luigi has to defeat the Greenie to progress. On the top, Luigi has to suck up a spiderweb cord and burn it, revealing a passage. When Luigi attempts to enter this, however, a door immediately slams and prevents Luigi from going into there. Luigi then goes down by using a spider web cord as a rope, which lowers him to the ground. Luigi should then burn the spider web balls in the bottom of the floor, prevent them from touching the water by holding them high, and then burning the web that prevents him access to the Tree Root.

Graveyard Shift from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
The Toad assistant shortly after he is freed from the painting.

The Tree Root is a small passageway. Luigi should continue until the end of it, where he encounters a vine rope. Luigi should suck the mushroom grass wall down, and then activate the other vine rope, which makes a botanical elevator appear. This elevator takes him to the Old Graveyard, where Luigi is expelled out of the bird statue's mouth. Luigi should then go into the Crypt. In the Crypt, Luigi finds a plant rope: pulling on it three times breaks the wall and reveals a Toad painting. Using the Dark-Light Device on the painting frees the Toad.

Professor E. Gadd then instructs Luigi to take the Toad assistant back to the Bunker, which means that Luigi has to take Toad to the Pixelator in the Gardener's Lab. When Luigi tries to leave for it, The Three Sisters appear. They are the mini-bosses of the Haunted Towers, and they attack in threes. They are affected by the Strobulb only when they reveal their faces from behind the mirrors. When Luigi defeats them, he and Toad can proceed. Luigi should then go to the right of the Old Graveyard, where he finds a coffin. Using Toad as extra weight, Luigi can travel down the coffin into the Sewer. Following the Sewer's path leads Luigi and Toad into the Gardener's Lab, in which the Toad assistant can use the Pixelator to travel back to the Bunker, which completes the mission.


Mission Goals:
Open the pinwheel gate, and make your way inside the Hollow Tree. Once inside, search for the passage leading to the upper section of the big tree.

The door that leads to the treetop is locked, and it can only be opened with a special key hidden in an old Crypt. Find the graveyard, enter the Crypt, and grab the key.

The special key is no longer in the Crypt, but you've rescued a Toad assistant. Escort him to the Gardener's Lab, and send him back to the Bunker.

  • Attach the pinwheel vanes.
  • Find the mysterious passage.
  • Search the Crypt for a special key.
  • Send the Toad to the Bunker.

Boo location[edit]

  • In the Crypt, a hidden pot to the right of the Toad painting.


It's time to repair that pinwheel lock! Once that's done, you should be able to get inside the Hollow Tree and look for the passageway to the top.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 大樹の調査パ~ト2!
Taiju no chōsa pāto 2!
Investigation of the Great Tree Part 2
Chinese 调查大树之2! (Simplified)
Diàochá dà shù zhī 2!
調查大樹之2! (Traditional)
Diàochá dàshù zhī 2!
Investigate the Great Tree 2
Dutch Begrafenismars Funeral-March
French Les marches funèbres The Funeral Marches
German Friedhofgang Graveyard-Gang
Italian Luigi il becchino Luigi the Undertaker
Portuguese (NOE) Turno no Cemitério Shift in the Graveyard
Russian Ночь на кладбище
Noch' na kladbishche
Night on the Graveyard
Spanish Marcha fúnebre Funeral March