The Pinwheel Gate

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The Pinwheel Gate
A group of Hiders.png
The Pinwheel Gate from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Hiders interacting with pinwheel vanes

Location Haunted Towers
Mission # 2
Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
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The Pinwheel Gate, or B-2, is the second mission in the Haunted Towers from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. This mission is about recovering the five pinwheel vanes that the Hiders stole and hid, similar to the Slammers that stole the gears in the Gloomy Manor's Gear Up.


Luigi starts in the Haunted Towers entrance. He must proceed to the Courtyard, where he should blow the vacuum on the pinwheel. During the turning, a Hider distracts him and it, with other Hiders, dismantle the pinwheel vanes, escape, and hide on the right area of the place. Professor Elvin Gadd uses the Parascope to determine the locations of the Hiders and direct Luigi where to go next.

Luigi has to travel to the Hydro Generator and activate the Strobulb on a switch; this opens the door to the East Hall. In the East Hall, Luigi finds three Hiders messing around with the pinwheel vanes; they quickly flee once they see him. Luigi has a choice to go either into the Gardener's Dwelling or the Tool Shed. If he goes into the Gardener's Dwelling, he must use the Dark-Light Device on a hidden door, then suck up Spirit Balls to access the area.

The Pinwheel Gate from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Luigi in the Gardener's Dwelling. Luigi has to carry the bucket of water with him if he is going to activate the switch where the bed is supposed to be.

In the Gardner's Dwelling, Luigi should inspect the closet at the northeast corner of the room; a Hider appears and escapes downward. To access the area below, the Gardener's Lab, Luigi should blow the ceiling fan until the bed reveals a switch underneath it. Luigi needs the aid of a bucket filled with water nearby in order to stand on and activate the switch. In the Gardener's Lab, Luigi finds a sunglasses-wearing Greenie next to a carnivorous plant. After Luigi confronts this Greenie, another Greenie sporting sunglasses appear. When Luigi defeats the two Greenies, he can search for the Hider. Defeating the Hider yields one of the pinwheel vanes. To escape from the Gardener's Lab, Luigi needs to suck a Bulb to make him float up and out where he came from.

In the Toolshed, Luigi finds a Slammer inspecting an ornament in the room. When Luigi confronts the Slammer, a Greenie holding a shovel appears. Defeating the Slammer makes another Greenie appear. After the remaining ghosts have been sucked up, Luigi can search for the Hider in this room. The Hider is one of the ghosts carrying the pinwheel vane; it drops it as soon as it is defeated. Luigi should then go to the Garden; this is where another Hider is concealed in. As soon as Luigi enters the Garden, the Hider flees. To access the lower part of the Garden (where the Hider fled), Luigi must start the lawn mower by pulling on its starter cord. The mower cuts through the hedge, allowing Luigi to access the lower part of the Garden. When Luigi moves to the lower parts, however, a Gobber and two Greenies stop him. After Luigi defeats them, he can seek the Hider and defeat it as well, grabbing the pinwheel vane in the process.

The Pinwheel Gate from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Luigi using the Dark-Light Device on the hidden pipes in the Botany Lab. This is required in order for water to flow properly into the plant, which is able to transport Luigi to the room above him.

To access the Toolshed Stairs, Luigi must inspect the drinking fountain on the northeast corner of the Toolshed. In the Toolshed Stairs, there are automatically moving stairs; Luigi must keep up with them in order to climb to the next level. At the next Luigi, a Greenie stops him; defeating this Greenie opens up the door to the Botany Lab. In the Botany Lab, Luigi should use the Dark-Light Device on the pipes, so that when Luigi activates the mechanism in the lab with his Strobulb by lighting three switches simultaneously, water properly flows to the plant. The plant then grows to a large size, providing Luigi access to the floor above him: the Seedling Laboratory. Luigi can immediately see Greenies messing around in the northern area of the lab; defeating them gives Luigi the chance to defeat the Hider and give him another pinwheel vane.

The last pinwheel vane is found in the Conservatory. Luigi can reach there by using the Toolshed Stairs on the door to the right of the Seedling Laboratory. Once Luigi reaches the Conservatory by climbing up the Toolshed Stairs, Luigi finds a Slammer playing an organ with a Hider hiding inside the organ pipes. When Luigi confronts the Slammer, two other appear. Luigi must defeat them in order to proceed to the organ. Luigi must play the organ to reveal the Hider; he must be quick the Hider as it quickly hides back in the pipes if Luigi is not quick enough. Defeating this Hider reveals the last pinwheel vane and thus completes the mission.


Mission Goals:
The next Dark Moon piece has been located in the upper section of the Hollow Tree. Explore the interior of the Hollow Tree, and find a way up.

A gang of hiders have removed the pinwheel vanes that are used to open the gate leading to the Hollow Tree. Recover them all!

  • Enter the Hollow Tree.
  • Recover the pinwheel vanes.
    • Find three vanes in the East Hall.
      • Find a vane in the Tool Shed.
      • Find a vane in the Gardener's Dwelling.
        • Find a vane in the Gardener's Lab.
      • Find a vane in the Garden.
    • Find a vane in the Seedling Laboratory.
    • Find a vane in the Conservatory.

Boo location[edit]

  • In the Sewer north of the Gardener's Lab; it is found by pulling the second red plant Luigi finds on the ceiling.


With the water flow restored in the Haunted Towers, we can resume our search for the Dark Moon piece. And now I have a better idea of where it might be!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 大樹の調査じゃ~!
Taiju no chōsa ja!
Investigate the Great Tree!
Chinese 调查大树~! (Simplified)
Diàochá dà shù!
調查大樹~! (Traditional)
Diàochá dàshù!
Investigate the Great Tree!
Dutch De wiekenpoort The Blades-Gate
French De l'eau à notre moulin
German Das Windradtor The Wind-Wheel-Gate
Italian Il cancello a girandola The Pinwheel Gate
Portuguese (NOE) O Portão de Cata-Vento The Pinwheel Gate
Russian Ворота-вертушка
Spanish La puerta del molino The Pinwheel Gate