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Play Catch
Play Catch from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Luigi with the Polterpup and a Greenie
Location Old Clockworks
Mission # 4
Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
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Play Catch (Ghosty in the Middle in the British English version), or C-4, is the fourth mission in Old Clockworks from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. This mission is mostly about catching the Polterpup that stole the hour hand. The British name is a pun on the children's game Piggy in the Middle.


Luigi Polterpup hunting.

Luigi gets pixelated to the Clockworks Court and he immediately witnesses three Greenies playing catch with the hour hand. A Polterpup watches and then eats the hour hand before fleeing. The ghosts immediately chase after it, attempting to retrieve the hour hand. Luigi has to use the Strobulb on the gate to open it, much as the first two missions in this mansion. He then goes into the Warehouse; he has to defeat a Greenie with a paranormal shield to brighten up the room. If Luigi follows the Polterpup tracks visible by the Dark-Light Device, it leads to the Workshop. Luigi has to inspect the stove in the workshop; the Polterpup escapes into the Drafting Office. Luigi has to travel to the second floor to get to the Drafting Office. In the Drafting Office, Luigi has to inspect the Drawer. The Polterpup and the Greenie flee again.

Luigi crossing the beam in the Roundhouse to reach the Polterpup.

When Luigi goes to the second floor of the Warehouse, he encounters another Greenie with a Paranormal Shield; defeating it brightens up the room and opens way for Luigi into the Clockmaker's Chambers. The Polterpup is hiding on the closet to the left of the room. It escapes again to the upper floor of the Roundhouse. Luigi has to travel across the beam to reach the Polterpup on the other side; just about Luigi is to reach the other side, a Greenie scares the Polterpup away into the Transportation Hall. In the Transportation Hall, the Polterpup goes to the Finishing Room. In the Finishing Room, the Polterpup runs back to the Transportation Hall, but if Luigi tries to chase it, two Slammers and a Greenie stop him. Luigi has to defeat all ghosts to go to the upper area of the Transportation Hall. Luigi should then go into the Container Yard, where he has to use Robombs to cross into the upper area of room, that leads him back to an upper level in the Transportation Hall. There, Luigi is able to suck up the Polterpup, which then yields the hour hand. Grabbing the hour hand completes the mission.


Mission Goal:
A ghostly dog took the hour hand and vanished into the Warehouse. Catch up to the dog before the ghosts do!

  • Chase the dog and get the hour hand.

Boo location[edit]

  • In the Clock Tower Gate, where there is a hidden lantern to the right of the gate.


Well, we've recovered the minute hand, but the hour hand is still missing. I've detected some signals in the Clockworks Court, so let's start our search there.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 追いかけっこじゃ!
Oikakekko ja!
Chinese 追追赶赶! (Simplified)
Zhuī zhuīgǎn gǎn!
追趕跑跳碰! (Traditional)
Zhuīgǎn pǎo tiào pèng!
Dutch Tijdtikkertje Time-Tag
French La chasse continue The Chase Continues
German Such das Stöckchen! Find the Stick!
Italian Ore contate Hours counted
Portuguese (NOE) Apanhada Tag
Russian Догонялки
Spanish (NOA) Pescar al pillo
Spanish (NOE) Pillapilla Play Catch