Terrifying Invasion

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Terrifying Invasion
The mission Terrifying Invasion.
Luigi charging the Strobulb to a Strong Slammer
Location Treacherous Mansion
Mission # 7
Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
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Terrifying Invasion is the bonus mission in the Treacherous Mansion from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. It is unlocked after Luigi clears the mansion's boss mission, and captures all the Boos from previous missions.


Professor E. Gadd confirms that King Boo is the one who has been sending ghosts to recapture the mansions, and he's sent his strongest soldiers to reclaim the Treacherous Mansion, and if he's successful, he'll take over the whole valley and the rest of the world. Just as in any bonus mission in the game, Luigi has to capture ghosts in the shortest time he can. The order of the rooms and the variety and quantity of ghosts vary each time Luigi plays this mission. The mission is complete when Luigi clears the sixth room.

Interestingly, in this bonus mission, Luigi can access the Bottom of Well again and can leave at anytime using the flower spring that now appears there.


Mission Goal:
Ghosts are invading the Treacherous Mansion! Go to the outbreak points and capture all the ghosts at each location in order to prevent a paranormal catastrophe.


We have an EMERGENCY! The Parascope is detecting whopping paranormal signals in the mansion! Luigi...THE END IS NEAR!


When clearing the Treacherous Mansion of ghosts, what E. Gadd will say to Luigi at the end of the mission differs depending how quickly Luigi completes it:

"Nice work, Luigi. You sure took your sweet time, but you've prevented a major catastrophe. Sit tight -- I'm firing up the Pixelator." (Time over 6 minutes)

"Amazing, Luigi! Simply amazing! You're the finest ghost hunter I've ever laid eyes on! They never knew what hit 'em! Sit tight -- I'm firing up the Pixelator." (Time under 6 minutes)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オバケ軍団の総攻撃じゃ~!
Obake gundan no sō kōgeki ja!
All-Out Attack of the Ghost Army Corps!

Chinese 鬼怪军团的总攻击~! (Simplified)
Guǐguài jūntuán de zǒng gōngjí!
鬼怪軍團總攻擊~! (Traditional)
Guǐguài jūntuán zǒng gōngjí!

All-Out Attack of the Ghost Army Corps!

Dutch Krankzinnige invasie
Insane Invasion
French Incursion inquiétante
Disturbing Incursion
German Operation Turmspuk
Operation Tower-haunting
Italian Invasione terrificante
Terrifying Invasion
Portuguese (NOE) Invasão Terrível
Terrible Invasion
Russian Хаос и жуть
Khaos i zhut'
Chaos and Dread

Spanish Invasión terrorífica
Terrifying Invasion


  • This is the only bonus mission where Luigi can access all of the rooms in a level.