A Nightmare to Remember

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A Nightmare to Remember
NightmaretoRemember LMDM.png
Luigi with King Boo
Location King Boo's Illusion
Mission # 1
Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Boss(es) King Boo
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A Nightmare to Remember (known as Shatter the Illusion in the British English version) is the only mission in King Boo's Illusion and the final mission of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. In this mission, Luigi fights King Boo to rescue his brother Mario. The mission's American name is a play on the phrase, "A night to remember."


Luigi encounters King Boo.

Upon defeating the Tough Possessor from the ghost dimension for the first time, Professor E. Gadd tries to pixelate Luigi out, to meet him in the Bunker. However, the transmission is intercepted by King Boo, and Luigi is placed back into the illusion world, leaving behind the Dark Moon piece he collected back in the Bunker. King Boo then starts taunting Luigi by making windows visible, where the player can see King Boo's silhouette outside, roaring out loud and laughing at him behind the shadows. After the taunting, Luigi looks up, only to see Mario trapped in a painting. He reaches out, but King Boo appears behind the painting, which turns out to be an illusion. He then starts talking to Luigi, about his incarceration in a painting and about his escape. He then announces he is "painting the town red", he was the one who fractured the Dark Moon and that he plans to claim his place as the supreme ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. King Boo also believes that Luigi and his friends will make good portraits for the walls of his throne room. He then accumulates energy from his crown, and reveals the arena for Luigi and King Boo's battle. The arena has a tiled floor and is surrounded by electricity. However, it will not inflict any damage to Luigi.


King Boo slamming the platform.

In the 1st phase of battle, King Boo will summon three spiked balls by slamming into the platform, creating a ripple; which causes the spiked balls to land heavily on the ground from high above. The place where they will land is predictable due to the shadows they cast before landing. They will roll around the arena as the platform tilts because of Luigi's weight. As King Boo cannot move if Luigi faces him with the flashlight, the player must manage to immobilize King Boo right under one of the falling spike balls. The spike ball will flatten King Boo, making him feel dizzy, immobilized, and revealing his HP (of 100). Luigi must then vacuum him, while being careful of the moving spike balls. During the capture however King Boo will try to pull Luigi into any remaining spike balls. He will also attempt to break the Poltergust's connection by slamming into the ground again. Luigi will then manage to completely vacuum him. If Luigi doesn't vacuum up King Boo after being hit by a spiky ball, King Boo will recover from dizziness and repeat the same attack.

Luigi avoiding obstacles in the hallway while running away from King Boo.

King Boo is not yet defeated, however. He will manage to escape from the vacuum, because of his jewel on his crown. King Boo will then glare straight at Luigi as a way to intimidate him and will slam the platform hard, destroying the sides of it and causing it to tilt downwards. Luigi will then slide down, and be flung through a window inside a mansion hallway. In this phase of the battle, Luigi must run through the hallway, while avoiding obstacles, and being aware of an enormous King Boo rolling towards him from the left which is destroying the hallway. Different obstacles await him, though: drawers, suits of armor, ice and sand patches and fake stairs. King Boo also uses the crystal on his crown to make more sand patches, or by making the drawers spring out, blocking Luigi's way, or making knights burn Luigi with their torches. Hearts and Gold Bars are also found here. If Luigi is hit by King Boo he will lose 20 HP and King Boo will mock him allowing Luigi to get a bit ahead of King Boo. Upon standing on a spring at the end of the hallway, Luigi will jump out, and land on an identical platform as before, King Boo will then emerge from the hallway, destroying it completely, and returns to normal size. The player must repeat this process two more times to defeat King Boo. During the second time Luigi runs through the hallway, however, a section of it will be dark, so Luigi must use his flashlight to navigate through.

Luigi vacuuming up King Boo.

The second and third time Luigi verses King Boo in the arena he creates sand, ice and spike patches. He also introduces a large spike ball as well. He will also try to ram Luigi. On the third time King Boo will shock all but one part of the arena three times. Luigi has to get to the spot where the lightning doesn't hit to avoid damage.

After defeating King Boo, Luigi picks up his power-enhanced gem. The capture of King Boo returns him to the Terrace where Mario's painting was the whole time, hidden by Spirit Balls that disappeared after King Boo's defeat. Luigi must then use the Dark-Light Device to free Mario.


Mission Goal:
King Boo has dragged you into his twisted illusion. This is the moment of truth! Defeat him and rescue Mario!

  • Defeat King Boo!


This is it, Luigi. It's time to stop King Boo for good and rescue your brother.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 最後の戦いじゃ!!
Saigo no Tatakai ja! !
The final battle!!
Chinese (Simplified) 最终决战!!
Zuìzhōng juézhàn!!
The final battle!!
Chinese (Traditional) 最後一戰!!
Zuìhòu yī zhàn!!
The last battle!!
Dutch De laatste list The last trick
French Briser l'illusion Break the illusion
German Ende mit Schrecken End with horror
Italian L'ultima illusione The last illusion
Portuguese A Última Ilusão The last illusion
Russian Король иллюзий
Korol' illyuziy
King of Illusions
Spanish El susto final The Final Scare