Stop the Knightmare

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Stop the Knightmare
The mission Stop the Knightmare, as the Possessor ghost shows itself.
The Tough Possessor
Location Treacherous Mansion
Mission # 6
Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Boss(es) Tough Possessor
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Stop the Knightmare is the second to last main mission in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. It is the boss mission of the Treacherous Mansion, where Luigi must defeat the Tough Possessor in order to get the final piece of the Dark Moon.


Paranormal portal
Luigi getting sucked in.

After having a short chat with E. Gadd, Luigi is pixelated to the Terrace to get the last Dark Moon piece, Luigi is warped into the paranormal portal created by King Boo in the last mission.

Luigi ends up in a room with 5 suits of armor, one having the Dark Moon piece on it, Luigi attempts to get the piece right before the Tough Possessor scares Luigi, and tries to destroy Luigi by using the suits of armor in the room by cloning itself.

To defeat the Possessor, Luigi needs to trip all the armor on carpets to make them fall, causing the Possessors to combine into one and bash a wall, once two skins are removed, he and the clones make a giant suit of armor in order to crush Luigi.

To defeat the giant suit of armor, Luigi has to make sure both feet are on two carpets and lift them both, but this requires good timing. Once done, Luigi can defeat the Possessor and get the Dark Moon piece.

Luigi then gets a call on the Dual Scream from Gadd, who tells him to come back, but when Luigi is being pixelated back to the Bunker, he is warped back to the portal, only the piece remains, making E. Gadd horrified.


Mission Goal:
The portal has brought you to an unknown location! Look for the possessor ghost and the final piece of the Dark Moon.

  • Retrieve the Dark Moon piece.


The portal on the Terrace is still open, but we've got to hurry. Button up those overalls, my boy! It's time to battle King Boo!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese グッドラック ルイージ!
Guddorakku Ruīji!
Good luck, Luigi!
Chinese 祝你好运 路易吉! (Simplified)
祝你好運 路易吉! (Traditional)
Zhù nǐ hǎoyùn Lùyìjí!
Good luck, Luigi!
Dutch Geharnast geharrewar Armored strife
French Le défaut de l'armure The armor's defect
German Scheppernde Schrecken Clattering Horrors
Italian Disarma l'armatura Disarm the armor
Portuguese Pesadelo a Cavalo Horse-Riding Nightmare
Russian Железный кошмар Iron Nightmare
Spanish El ataque de las armaduras Attack of the Suits of Armor


  • Upon completing this mission for the first time, the game will immediately take Luigi to the next mission to face King Boo, without being pixelated back to the Bunker. If the player completes this mission again after beating the game, Luigi will be pixelated back to the Bunker where E. Gadd will remark how Luigi wanted to fight the Tough Possessor again for the "adrenaline rush".
  • Mario's painting can briefly be seen in the cutscene where Luigi's being sucked in the portal.
  • After the cutscene when Luigi is brought to the Paranormal Dimension and attempts to get the final Dark Moon piece, the Treacherous Mansion music can be heard briefly for a second.