Dual Scream

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E. Gadd giving the Dual Scream to Luigi at the beginning of the game
E. Gadd calling Luigi
“Ho ho! The terrified look in your eye just gave me a great idea. From now on, I'm going to call the DS — this is genius — the Dual Scream!”
Professor Elvin Gadd, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

The Dual Scream is a device designed by Professor Elvin Gadd in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. "Dual Scream" is a pun on "Dual Screen"—the abbreviation "DS" in "Nintendo DS," which is what the Dual Scream is modeled after. It functions similarly to the Game Boy Horror from Luigi's Mansion. It allows E. Gadd to communicate with Luigi, displays mission objectives and a map of the current mansion on the 3DS's bottom screen, and displays the pause menu on the 3DS's top screen when accessed. Its ringtone is an arrangement of the series' Main Theme. In Luigi's Mansion 3, the Dual Scream is succeeded by the Virtual Boo.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドコデモシャベレ~ル
Dokodemo Shabere~ru
From「どこでも」(dokodemo, anywhere) and stylistic version of「しゃべれる」(shabereru), a potential form for「しゃべる」(shaberu, to talk)
Chinese 带哪儿都能说 (Simplified)
Dàinǎ'erdōunéng Shuō
DS (Traditional)
Communication Anywhere

Dutch Dubbele Schreeuw (DS) Double Shout
German Duo-Spukofon From "Spuk" (spook) & Telefon (telephone)
Italian Doppio Strillo Double Scream
Korean 더블 스크림
Deobeul Seukeurim
Double Scream
Russian Двойной скрип
Dvoinoy Skrip
Double Squeak
Spanish (NOA) Dispositivo de Sustos (DS) Fright Device
Spanish (NOE) Distribuidora de Sustos (DS) Distributor of Frights


  • While Nintendo DS speakers have a rectangular shape, the speakers of the Dual Scream are shaped like E. Gadd's head.
  • E. Gadd mentions once that he turned the screen brightness down on the Dual Scream. However, the original Nintendo DS does not have adjustable screen brightness. That line is removed in the European release.